Persistent contrails, just normal?

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The topic of persistent contrails, or chemtrails as some people call them, has been an ongoing debate for a number of years now. People are so used to seeing them in the sky now that they think that's the way it's been ever since there were jets flying. I'm old enough to be able to tell you that I remember when jets did not make persistent contrails. The contrails from jets would fade away after a short amount of time. Now days, that's still the case for some jets, but certainly not for a lot of them. Anyone who looks at the sky is familiar with the long narrow lines of cloud that are left behind by a jet airplane flying overhead.

Where I live, we are not on a major flyover path, so we don't see the contrail clouds being formed every day. However, we see them drift over us, usually from the west, and we also see a fair amount of planes creating them as they fly over. They don't always create persistent clouds that spread out in long lines, but it happens pretty regularly.
Here is an example of what I'm talking about. I took these pictures right after the plane had flown across the sky overhead. These pictures were taken on 9-24, two days ago.


Now the interesting part about these contrails is what they do after they form. These pictures were taken about 15-20 minutes later than the first two pictures.

What happens is that the particulates in the jet exhaust collect moisture vapor and form a cloud that spreads out, but does not fade away. Because I have seen a jet fly over that did not leave a persistent contrail, and then another one within about 10-15 minutes that did leave a contrail, that tells me that it's more than just the conditions in the sky at that time. There must be extra particulates in the persistent contrails to attract and collect the moisture vapor necessary to leave a trail that does not fade away, but rather turns into a cloud.

The governments of most of the major nations in the world have been conducting experiments into weather modification since at least the end of WW2. This is well documented in the U.S. by the published government studies. These particulate laden persistent contrails are part of that ongoing research and experimentation.

Some of the conspiracy theorists will say "they're trying to kill us" but I don't believe that is the case. If they wanted to kill us, a lot of would be dead. They have the dispersal means to do so with a variety of weaponized materials. It is my belief that they are doing ongoing experiments to refine their methods of manipulating the weather patterns, and I believe that they are also adding aerosols to the atmosphere in an attempt to block some of the sun's heat producing energy. I remember when the sky was very blue on a clear day, now it has a white background to the blue.

Here's a couple of pictures from last May that are also good examples of persistent contrails in the sky above my house. These contrails tend to attract more clouds to themselves if there are already clouds in the area of the contrail. Cloud formations can be tied together with these persistent contrails.


When the jets fly across overhead and leave these persistant contrails, or chemtrails, I tend to refer to that as getting "bug-sprayed". I don't think these particulates are specifically formulated to cause harm to humans, but in areas where heavy contrail formation is the normal thing, there is an increase in the level of respiratory problems and sensitivity to the pollution from these things as the particulates filter out of the atmosphere. The particulates also show up in rain water. There was a recent news report about finding micro plastic particles in rain water. These particulates generally drop out hundreds of miles from where they are left in the sky by the jets that create them, mostly due to wind drift.

It's hard to find good information about this ongoing program because the mainstream media doesn't report on it. A fair amount of information is available in the form of government scientific reports that were published over the years, it just takes some searching to find this information.

I am not an expert on this subject, this is just information taken from what I've read, and my own observations. Make of it what you will. Believe, or don't believe, the choice is yours.

That's all I have for this post, thanks for checking it out!



The contrails (including persistent ones) contain water but also different kinds of emmissions from the airplane, like sulfur dioxide and other gases. Not sure if it differs very much from typical car exhaust gas though, but nobody wants to get any exhaust on themselves.

The persistent contrails are persistend due to environment the contrail is in. You can even see two planes flying in the sky while one is leaving a short-lived contrail and the second one has a persistent contrail. This might seem weird, but the distance of the two planes can be kilometers/miles, even though you see them both at once. They might be flying in completely different altitudes, but it's hard to know when you're standing on the ground :)

Hearing about microplastics is special! Not sure if those should be in the contrails, but microplastics are a constantly growing issue. We're having microplastics in the oceans, lakes, in our waste water, at worst even in our drinking water. There's microplastics in the ground and we might have some microplastic-particls in the air too. I would be surprising if there'd naturally be microplastics in the contrail, but microplastics can be found almost anywhere, so that alone is terrifying.

Mainstream media is not discussing contrails much, but they actually are doing that! The main issue with persistent contrails is how it affects the environment, as the contrails are "man made clouds" and having a lot of persistent contrails might affect the climate. Scientists in the field are trying to find ways to avoid persistent contrails.

I've been watching them for years. If you do time lapse videos you will see they are not normal contrails. Even the rainbows that sometimes form in them are weird looking. I would not want to be out on a day like the last photo.

What are normal contrails? Short lived ones, the persistent ones which stay in form or the persistent ones which spread out?

The short lived ones. I call the other ones chemtrails.

Well all of them are actually normal, it depends on multiple things if the contrails are persistent ones. If I'm not wrong, they're more common in higher altitudes and flying in higher altitudes is more fuel-efficient for the planes.

The main issue with persistent contrails is that it increases the amount of clouds as "artificial clouds", so aviation industry and scientists are trying to find ways to reduce amount of persistent contrails.

Increasing the amount of clouds can be really handy if you're a government agency that is experimenting with weather modification and control.

There are some ways to control weather on some level, but flying airplanes in hopes of getting persistent contrails is not any way an effective way to control weather.


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The sky is not as blue as it used to be

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geoengineering = science
chemtrails = conspiracy

same same

I heard of persistent contrails in the US long before I observed them in Canada. In fact, I would watch our sky and see nothing different than I had seen all my life. Then, in the summer of 2013, which came after the winter of 2012-2013, which almost didn't exist here, they appeared.

A friend of mine, a PhD whose undergraduate degree is in chemistry, and who has written books that feature them, spotted them here the same summer. I have looked up at the sky every day of my life. I watch planes criss cross the prevailing wind on the west side of Ottawa in the morning and I have noticed how they aren't up there on long weekends. Instead of researching chemtrails, try searching for geoengineering to see the scientific literature on them.

Yes, geoengineering is what I believe they are doing with these persistent contrails.

It has been banned by the UN except for experimental purposes. You don't ban something that doesn't exist.

It's been banned, and yet, you see them everywhere. Lots of experiments going on...

In every NATO country, I understand. There seems to be a little less of it lately although not today. Do you realize it is no longer a "conspiracy theory?" See this article from August.

Yes, I know that it's a real thing, but a lot of people still don't believe it, so they call it a "conspiracy theory".