Perception and consideration of or for various real possibilities, can be everything in certain matters.

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Undoubtedly humans have corrupted religious texts the same as we've corrupted everything else we've touched. That fact has no bearing whatsoever on the possibility humans and the universe itself, were designed by some intelligence with a capability that’s currently far beyond our own.

If consciousness is nothing but matter arranged in a way that causes electro-chemical reactions in our brain, then the only thing stopping us from creating conscious life by arranging raw elements into a workable configuration, is our lack of knowledge and the required tools.

If humans survive another 5000 years and progress scientifically at the pace we have over the past two centuries, will we have the knowledge and tools to create intelligent life forms from scratch, thereby fulfilling part of our own definition of God(s) as creator(s) that possess(ed) knowledge perceived by us as supernatural ability compared to our limited understanding and abilities? We don't yet know, and may never know enough to answer that question scientifically. It seems foolish at this point to believe some things are not beyond our capability of comprehending. There are likely factors involved in creating conscious and intelligent life, that we're not yet aware of and may never be able to quantify even if we knew what they were.

Last I heard there is such a thing as a God gene where a percentage of the population is genetically predisposed to believe a conscious intelligence far greater than our own exists. As vast as the universe is, the odds are astronomically in favor of a higher intelligence than our own; and I would hope the more intelligent life in the universe has gotten well past the self-destructive tendencies which exist in many of the most intelligent humans and our collective societies.

There's too much we don't know. With the little I know about religion, I do find it uncanny certain bible prophesies seem to be unfolding in the present day - specifically with the imposter Jews mentioned in Revelations 2:9 and 3:9, and in the continuous Biblical theme that greed and arrogance are portrayed as ruinous for individuals and various societies we may or may not be part of. With greed and lust for power enhanced by various sciences including the art and science of mass psychological manipulation through modern communications and propaganda, humans are destroying the self-perpetuating ecosystem that sustains all life as we know it, while we think of our scientific inventiveness and creativity as evidence of our genius capabilities. Perhaps that should be geniuses of destruction... How intelligent are we when it's all added up? Is it really possible we're going to save humankind and life on earth with more science, after we've used science to exploit nature and each other for something as meaningless in the bigger scheme of things as personal wealth and political power?

Regardless of whatever consciousness greater than our own exists, the great deceiver as described in religious texts does appear to exist through us as we deceive ourselves and each other on the road to ruin. I can hear the denials now - in defiance of certain historical facts and the currently reality, as well as the possibilities we’ve created for ourselves and nearly all life forms on this planet.

As insouciant as we appear while acting against the best interests of future generations for purely selfish reasons as individuals and part of the human collective, some higher consciousness intervening may literally be our best and only hope. There is order in the universe and consequences for everything we do in the physical realm as well as consequences for things we neglect to do.

There's so much more to be said. I do find it particularly ironic that so many who consider themselves atheists only consider the possibility of conscious creation, and related possibilities, according to what is contained within one or more religious texts.