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RE: Yow! Conferences (by developers for developers) 2019 in Sydney, Australia

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This is a really amazing write up. I've been getting into gaming for the first time, and it has luckily been Dapp or blockchain related gaming. I'm super happy to have read this, and bookmarked it for later when I'm out of the office (lol). Thanks again!


What game are you developing?

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Im trying to Dev. a few old school replicas utilizing either an existing coin focused on blockchain gaming--or creating a new one on ETH. Id like to utilize NFT's though, and am not sure how to create value (original, nontested, unique value).

Old school replicas, sounds cool. As for a coin, maybe you can create a new one by using STEEM’s native SMT (Smart Media Token) when it gets released (soon I hope) or by using

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def cool and so much more simplistic in design. Nostaglia effect would be great to capture, ya know?