One mans trash is another mans treasure

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Short story. I work on IT as a computer technician. Often times clients will donate their old computers or devices to the tech. I’m this instance some very kind clients gave me their ‘old’ 2013” iMac 🖥 computer, because they upgraded to a new one.

So I brought it home, did some surgery and upgraded the old hard drive to a new SSD and reloaded the operating system. Fired up Logic Pro X and it works like a charm. People don’t really know what they’re throwing away!! One mans trash is another mans treasure. Free mouse and keyboard too! I could just as easily turn around all sell all this stuff for $1000 and probably will when I get bored one day. Good times.

Apple iMac 2013 Model A1418
21” 1920x1080p display
Intel Core i5 2.7Ghz
Kingston 256GB SSD
8GB DDR3 Memory
Mac OSX LaCatalina

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Nice score😵

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