Does Anyone Respect IT Technicians Anymore?

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In my nearly 2 decade career as an IT technician (what the heck is an Information Technologist anyway, REALLY)? I have been challenged in ways that only IT techs. will understand. Nothing is ever easy. Computers, while predictable still behave in unpredictable ways. -Is that an oxy moron? Like any technician worth his salt, I do enjoy the rush of solving a good problem. But I've always preferred working with my hands. There's something therapeutic about taking something apart, repairing it or improving it in some way, and then putting it back together again. I enjoy building high end gaming Pc's. I am currently working in an IT support role at an Authorized Apple retailer so I don't get to build PC's but maybe I will again one day. Here's some samples of some of my IT work through the years..

10903448_465359386970355_377957966_n (2018_02_15 04_29_31 UTC).jpg

11419093_983837098323852_1220951969_n (2018_02_15 04_29_31 UTC).jpg

15801972_227871127658211_4673609370842431488_n (2018_02_15 04_29_31 UTC).jpg

17125685_739265226242325_4927692875795267584_n (2018_02_15 04_29_31 UTC).jpg

17332635_1011502908951147_6013183338020339712_n (2018_02_15 04_29_31 UTC).jpg

21820062_352376775216771_6863798449897209856_n (2018_02_15 04_29_31 UTC).jpg

14504739_1362121207195170_7587503209527115776_n (2018_02_15 04_29_31 UTC).jpg

13473340_1725469381044719_624501103_n (2018_02_15 04_29_31 UTC).jpg

17077051_697538963784173_6470518121487663104_n (2018_02_15 04_29_31 UTC).jpg

11313739_1636010099947061_57288666_n (2018_02_15 04_29_31 UTC).jpg

15535256_1263714493671453_8381796383732006912_n (2018_02_15 04_29_31 UTC).jpg

17586723_395974800786007_2879800001741979648_n (2018_02_15 04_29_31 UTC).jpg

13277735_1003307866455132_1702090326_n (2018_02_15 04_29_31 UTC).jpg