Digital Archaeology: Codex (Floppy Disk) #9 (part 16)

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A summary for those that haven't been keeping up with this series:

I found a number of 5.25" disks at a thrift store a number of years ago. I finally got around to acquiring a 5.25" disk drive and extracting the contents a while back. Since then I have been posting the contents here.

Based on the contents, at least some of these disks were apparently once owned by someone named Connie who used to run the "Close Encounters" Special Interest Group (SIG) on Delphi in the mid 1980s.

A specific definition of this SIG was found in a document on one of the disks: "This SIG, known as 'Close Encounters', is a forum for the discussion of relationships that develop via computer services like the Source, CompuServe, and Delphi. Our primary emphasis is on the sexual aspects of those relationships."

This service was text based and was accessed via whatever terminal program you used on your computer to dial in to Delphi's servers. Many of these disks have forum messages, e-mails and chat session logs. All of this is pre-internet stuff and I don't know if there are any archives in existence today of what was on Delphi in the 1980s. In any case, much of this stuff would have been private at the time and probably wouldn't be in such archives even if they existed.

This post and the previous post include the contents of SEXPOS2.DOC and SEXPOS2.BAK. These are chat logs and contain mostly the same content with a few subtle differences that I can't entirely figure out...

list sexpos2.;1

** JOEY just joined CLE (2 members now) **
Myself> howdy guy
JOEY> Hi John
JOEY> How ru?
Myself> sok here - u?
JOEY> Fine.
JOEY> I got the message about the flags. But, how do you set them?
Myself> the flags are already set
Myself> you need do nothing about that
JOEY> Oh, ok.
Myself> also, you wouldn't be able to set them anyway since u don't have the 'm'

Myself> flag which allows access to the membership system.
JOEY> oh.
Myself> your time is free
JOEY> Should be a lot of people on here tonight.
Myself> and thus you will not be billed for time in this sig.
Myself> i hope so.
/s dirigo hi - long time no c.
JOEY> Yes, Connie explained that.
Myself> ok
Myself> nuf said
JOEY> The contest sounds interesting.
Myself> should be - expect to have first one up tomorrow
JOEY> But, we are not eligible?
Myself> not really Joey
Connie and I have the questions and answers
JOEY> I didn't think so. sok.
Myself> Connie and I have the questions and answers
Myself> and you are already free
Myself> plus, it makes no sense for sig managers to participate in their promoti
JOEY> True.
Myself> We have to function above criticism in this thing. Just like real offic
Myself> companies running their contests
Myself> you know the usual messages - employees and families etc.
JOEY> Well, I thought so. We run contests and have the same rules.
Myself> exactly.
Myself> now since ur an employee [sic] tote that barge ad nauseum
JOEY> Ok. (smile.)
Myself> and don't forget to lift that bale too.
JOEY> And put your shoulder to grindstone.
Myself> in this case ur shoulder is the grindstone (hahaha)
** Marti just joined CLE (3 members now) **
JOEY> Hi Marti!
Myself> well lookee here
Marti> Hi Joey!
/s marti thot u'ld never get ur bill paid so you could re-join us
Marti> Hi John...hugs
JOEY> We should have a new member here, tonight.
ILLUSION>> who said it was paid [sigh]
/s marti well I can dream can't I?
ILLUSION>> yes...we all dream
Marti> is connie coming?
Myself> we should have plenty of new members here (I hope) someday
Myself> not even breathing hard marti. [grin]
Marti> hahaha....some people never change!
JOEY> I knew he would say that.
Myself> marti==>>what do u thnk of our new contest?
Marti> is connie joining us tonight <let's see him do something to that>
Connie will be present this evening but I doubt that there will be any "joining"


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It's wild looking back at this time of the internet in its infancy. Love this series. :)

I really lucked out when I grabbed these disks at a thrift store years ago. Thrift stores don't typically have this kind of stuff any more (at least the ones around me). I check out eBay once it a while to see if I see anything that looks like it might be interesting but it's mostly warez or old original software...or expensive. I still have a 5.25" floppy drive though so if I do find any I can still read them.