Dog and laptop day!!!!

in #computerlast year

The 2 in one laptop!!!

I definitely learning more about it as well as all of the charging situation we are also figuring out.

Apparently my charger system for the Nintendo switch is a low-power charging system.

Well we have plenty of battery last night to watch a movie as well as get to watch some TV and we also included the audiobook.

Pretty nice finding out that we had 6 GB of free space left on the SD card. Yep pretty epic that I have so many books and movies on there.

Well I can definitely see us getting a hard drive to use. Kind of funny that my SD card was about half the size of my last hard drive...

Well we will continue seeing what we can do. And with this being an amazing tool it's going to just increase our ability.

Just wait until me and doggo to get some drone footage going!!!

Well it's a beautiful day and we will see what all happens with this weather.

Blaze it!!!