Hackathon Winner @roomservice, shares prize pool with other participants

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This is really cool and unexpected.

@roomservice won first place in the STEMGeek's Hackathon, this came with a 6,311.685 Hive prize.

I just noticed, the very next day he sent 250 Hive to each of the other participants that didn't win.

This was done without any fanfare or announcement.

As per the winner announcement, three prizes were given away for first, second, and third place totaling 12,623.370 HIVE.

@roomservice won first place with his Hive Onboard project. He took it upon himself to split around half his prize with the rest of the entries.


Hey, thanks for that mention 😀

I really think every participant deserved some kind of reward for participating and I was in a good position to make that happen. I'am convinced that HIVE is a great example of what can be achieved if people work together, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Did you consider putting up a proposal for an upcoming HIVE hackathon?
I'am pretty sure there is a good chance to get enough community support for funding from the DHF pool and another event later this or early next year!

this is so great. what an amazing example you're setting for building a community. 😄

You're special bro! One of a kind!

This was very cool.

 2 years ago 

I do have some plans for the future. I am also looking at getting more outside exposure.

Well done @roomservice! Nice mindset, this hackathon will definitely have brought a lot of good things to light.

It's a really good idea that you've had @themarkymark. For the next edition of the hackathon and to get more exposure outside, maybe we should encourage the participating teams to make Twitch Squad Stream or other live multi stream?

Congratulations dear friend @roomservice you are an extraordinary person, worthy of admiration and respect, a true example to follow.

Another gesture to highlight is that it rejects the collection of most of the posts it publishes.

I wish you the success you deserve
Have a great week

@roomservice ! Thats Awesome!!!!

That's awesome! Top bloke!


Really nice from your part @roomservice!

Wow. Selflessness to the brim


Wow this is awesome. In the corner of my mind, I felt little bit sad that other participants received nothing. Well I did not express it. I'm very happy to see @roomservice share his rewards. You are surely a great leader. 🙂

Very cool!! That is a high bar precedent to set. Haha.

Nice to see such new initiatives that spread the love of HIVE out there and bring new projects as well.

Awesome @roomservice for sharing your prize. This is why I believe that this community has such awesome potential for growth.

so cool to see this. I found out that @roomservice had split his prize because one of my friends was a recipient. What a great example of community and sharing. So cool. And the Hiveonboard.com project is working so well, I've already onboarded some people....

Its very cool of you to support this contest. I think its a very good way to encourage people to stretch themselves and present their ideas, plus the example of giving to the Community is invaluable. After what happened on Steem I think it's very important to demonstrate these values.