STEMGeeks Hivemind Community

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STEMGeeks is now also a Hivemind community.

As long as you use one of the STEMGeeks tags found below, you can still earn STEM tokens while posting in the community.

STEMGeeks tags

  • STEM
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Math

If you use the STEMGeeks website you will automatically post into the new Hivemind community at the same time. Our goal is to move to Hivemind Community and SMT when it is technically possible. This would allow us to have a first layer proof of brain distribution and token.

This new change allows us to use the new Hivemind Community functionality found on the Steem beta site. The goal is to have as many related posts in the new community as possible so when and if we do move over to SMT it won't be empty.

The new STEMGeeks community has almost 50 members already.

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First layer best layer.

Get in on the ground floor. Will be great to see where all this goes.

It will be great to see it all come together

For the uninitiated, what is the differences and advantages of using a hivemind community framework? If there is a link that already explains this, that would be great! More curiosity than concern, not to mention a desire to get familiar with these new initiatives (and thus be initiated ;). Thx!

Hivemind uses native Steem functionality, tribes are a bolt-on to Steem using third party code.

That being said, Tribes is the only way to have a token tied to a community and a dedicated proof of brain reward pool. This functionality won't be possible until SMTs launch.

I want to have posts put into the Hivemind community now so when we do eventually cut over, it won't be empty.

You could make the case that Tribes have a true sidechain and Hivemind isn’t quite described as a true sidechain, at the moment.

Hi there, I'm planning to focus my steem blog around UI/UX topics in 2020, with some how-to (on CSS or JS) occasionally. I wonder if stemgeeks would be suitable home for such blog?

Sounds like it would be.