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RE: How To Posts: One Good Thing

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Aw, thanks @artemislives for your appreciation!!! It's been a while since I've posted a 'newbie how to' post - I feel I've done it so much that it's all out there now but you know how HIVE works - your posts disappear in the melee. I used to love doing them . Always happy to help. Funny, at our farewell lunch the speech my head of department gave about me highlighted how much I would share and send worksheets and lessons round to everyone and that they'll miss that. It's nice to be appreciated. I lvoe this gratitude series of yours!


I think one of the true GIFTS on Hive I use very, very often, is Cos exactly that... there is SO MUCH good stuff posted years ago that is quietly sitting there for us to access, learn from and use.

Thanks for another thing to remember I'm grateful for. Including you.

Aw shucks. Right back atcha. And I mean that xx