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Well... I was happy to give Communities a test ride for a few hours yesterday, but I guess they are back behind the password protected thing.

Anyway, as I was eating my breakfast this morning, a question popped in my mind. Lol, now I realize this is bad: I think of Steem while I eat too...

Here's the question: What happened with the "Windows 95" community @ roadscape presented us at SteemFest 4, or with "Beer&BBQ" community @exyle created for testing purposes or any of the other early communities? As I scrolled through the communities yesterday (and still had access), I didn't see any of them.

I'll actually try to come up with an answer to this question. Please correct me if I'm off base.

Technically, you can't remove a community, because you can't remove an account on Steem or posts, for that matter.

The logical explanation I come up with, and since Communities don't work on the blockchain, but on a higher level, it's that you can hide them.

And IT MAKES SENSE in this early stage of testing.

On blockchain-related modifications (like SMTs), we have the testnet, where things happen without affecting the mainnet. Occasionally the testnet is reinitialized, everything is reset and all data removed, so that testing can start from scratch.

For Hivemind/Communities, there is no need of a testnet, because it's a layer above the blockchain and it doesn't need a hardfork to be released or updated.

But most likely, there is a need to start fresh with testing every once in a while. Possibly after some changes to the code, some bug fixes, etc.

Since there is no testnet to reinitialize and data comes directly from the mainnet, you can't remove anything. But you can hide previous tests.

So, I believe something like this happened and possibly will happen again during the testing phases. All communities created before a certain date and time were hidden. They still exist, but they aren't showed. Or at least I haven't seen them. My apologies in advance if they are displayed, I don't have the user and password to check again and see if I'm mistaken. And if it was possible that I had access to the closed beta, that would be awesome.

If that is the case (early communities being hidden on beta site during the closed beta phase), it would be something useful to know there will be a clean slate after communities come to the main site, for example.


Someone told me yesterday they had been locked out too. Maybe just a temporary thing, who knows?.................

No, it's likely the beta has gone to its closed state again. It happens... it's testing, they need certain parameters under control, they need to change things quickly without hearing too many complains while they do. Things like that.

I just checked and was prompted for username and password too. I would be interested in being a part of the beta test users myself.

Has there been any mention of when they plan to go live?

Has there been any mention of when they plan to go live?

Nope. Not yet, as far as I know.

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