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RE: From today I am the proud owner of two Commodore 64s πŸ™‚πŸ™ƒ

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Wow, this is absolutely amazing! The Commodore 64 is a very cool antique, an artefact of bygone times, a museum piece you could say (in general, that is; rather rusty for these times, right?), but these two look extraordinarily well preserved to this day! As you pointed out yourself in this great post, the Commodore 64 was a breakthrough gaming computer released back during the early 1980s, in August 1982 to be more specific or 39 years later (roughly 40 as you have mentioned). Have fun on these! You could play this great classic for example, in case you don't know it already: The Hobbit.

Have fun, take care, stay safe, all the best, much health, have an excellent day, and keep up the good work here on HIVE! Cheers! :)

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thanks a lot for a very nice and informative comment. And also thanks for the tip about the game, I am a Hobbit fan so I will search for it.

Take care and all the best for you too!


You're most welcome! I am really glad you liked my tip about 'The Hobbit' video game! Thank you for your best wishes as well! Keep up the good work once again and have a great day! :)