Color Challenge Friday Sky Blue and Star Watching Parties

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Last night's sunset was amazing. 20190815_202534.jpg

The Full moon rise was incredible as well! I was able to go for a long walk around 11pm and it was shining big and beautiful. I went to see if the Astronomy club was possibly having a star party, but didn't see anyone.
IMG_4866 (2).JPG

Last week, I had some friends in town from Portland and we went for an evening power walk on first quarter moon. I had a hunch to go to our local water reservoir area. It's a giant flat surface overlook in our neighborhood. To our surprise there were a big group of people enjoying 4 giant telescopes and having a Star Watching Party. We stayed for hours!! One of the telescopes was created using a 3-D printer. That version was called the bioscope because he designed it to have binocular specs instead of just one lens. We were shown binary stars, Andromeda galaxy, the moon in direct alignment with Saturn and Jupiter opposing each other. The rings of Saturn were incredible, it was as if we could touch them! I learned about Arcturus, Vega and Marzak. Amazing experience.

IMG_4879 (3).JPG

They ask attendees not to bring cell phones, as it takes 45 minutes for your eyes to adjust with no light pollution. I guess You can put it on a filter setting now on most cell phones. I really wish I could have taken some photos.. Next time, I will ask if that's possible. I guess you can hold a camera up to the lens and it will capture a pretty good one.

If you are ever in Eugene, OR around first quarter moon look to the astronomers website: for star watching party dates and events. they are all free and open to the public!

Happy Weekend!

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