Coin Hunt World: Play-to-earn Crypto Geo-location Game Grows in Popularity

There are a growing number of users who are playing the play-to-earn crypto geo-location game known as Coin Hunt World or CHW. The mobile game has been frequently compared to Pokémon Go for the game similarities which involve users hunting down Bitcoin and Ethereum instead of Pokemon.

One way to increase adoption of crypto today is to make it easy for people to start earning crypto. Not only are there several games that can enable users to earn crypto but there are different apps and platforms (like Hive) that do the same as well. There are even crypto based credit cards coming out that offer cashback like rewards in bitcoin for users.

In several years the number of crypto users around the world today has exploded and it is estimated that some 100 million people are using Bitcoin.

You can dump your change into a change sorting machine and earn crypto with the U.S. Coinstar Bitcoin machines, hunt down bitcoin on games like Coin Hunt World, or play other games and apps that enable crypto earning as well. The opportunities are increasing and that is good for those who are interested but might not know where to start with bitcoin or other crypto options.

CHW has been called one of the best play to earn crypto games where you can earn bitcoin and there are several people who have shared their earnings online so far and experiences with playing the game.

Some quote earning between $20-$50 a week or more from playing Coin Hunt World just in their free time.

Earn BTC and ETH

Discover keys and unlock rewards When you step outside while playing the game it allows the users to be able to explore real-world locations and unlock rewards by discovering keys. You can also choose to play on your own or play coin hunt world with a team.

The game hasn't been around for that long but already it is gaining interest and many have been using it to try and find free cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum in their cities.


This sounds interesting and if like the Pokemon-go, it may be something that could catch on quickly with kids, parents, and non-crypto enthusiasts alike if it gets enough attention.