Coding Journal #3 - JavaScript is Funny, Hope It Gets Even More Challenging

in #coding2 years ago

Today I started my JavaScript session with an 8 hour course by Clever Programmer on YouTube.

I like how straight forward everything seems to be.

I also downloaded a couple of books on the topic (1,2,3) although it seems that most of it could also be easily learnt through a lot of free online courses.

Nothing too exciting today, just started grasping the fundamentals as any newbie would do (variables, linking to html documents, while & for loops)

I watched some videos about what I takes to become a full-stack developer with JavaScript, Node.js, HTML5, CSS, MySQL, etc.

I signed-up for Codewars and LeetCode although it seems that taking on challenges will have to wait. My skills are not so sharp for now.

Guess it will be a wild ride, but I can't complain that it will be boring.

Hell, I'm feeling a codegasm right now.

Closing thoughts

  • What are some other good JavaScript resources you would recommend? Doesn't matter if they are free or paid.
  • How would you structure a learning path in order to become fluent in JavaScript, HTML and CSS if you wanted to get a job in Web Development (Back-End or Front-End) in less than 1 year?
  • What are some good JavaScript developers you think I should follow online?

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