My Daily Learning - How to Code Day 1 of JavaScript:

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Good Evening everyone,

This is the continuation of prep for my honorable discharge from my Military Service. I'm going back to school for computer science. For my prep @richatvns is mentoring me in Calculus and the field of computer science. I'm taking online video classes on Calculus 3, learning HTML, then CSS, followed by Javascript on W3Schools As well as learning blockchain technology through Steem at the same time.

Everyday rich is requiring me as a "proof of work" to show what I learned that day to him.

So we came up with the great idea why not help others, and make a quick easy to follow tutorial by posting what I learned each day.
Since I'm only doing 1 short tutorial a day, it's so easy to follow along and learn (should be under 5 min).
I get the added bonus of repeating the material, such that I truly understand it.


You can try your own coding here using this link:

HTML, Javascript and CSS are the 3 basic languages that developers should learn first. Of course they all have different functions:

HTML defines the content of web pages. CSS specifies the layout of web pages and Javascript programs the behavior of web pages. Javascript is totally different than Java so do not confuse the two.

One basic function of Javascript is that it can change the HTML content. Check out the coding below:

Javascript Change HTML Coding.PNG

When we open the file in a browser it looks like this below. Notice there is a grey button labeled "Click Me". This is the key feature.

Javascript Change HTML Coding Browser.PNG

When we press the Click Me button, the javascript changes the HTML content of the post. After pressing the button, the browser will look like this below. Notice how the text "JavaScript can change HTML content" was replaced with "Hello JavaScript!"

Javascript Change HTML Coding Browser After.PNG


You want to learn, Just remember the Nike Slogan:
Just Do It

*** Thank you to @richatvns for setting up this template for posting and base artwork


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Way to go dave glad you finally got to javascript!!!!!

I've got a few simple, tools for you to make.

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