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You are probably here reading this because you have heard about headless CMS and the capabilities they can offer businesses in managing their marketing content. With the advent of the headless CMS, it is easier for organizations to publish high-quality content. The "headed" or traditional CMS tools have not been able to keep the pace of technological advancements, such as the increased use of multiple channels to share content. Headless technologies have helped overcome this challenge.

You are now convinced that headless CMS is the way to go in terms of how you manage your content. However, we all know that content management systems from different organizations or brands are not the same. You need to choose the best headless CMS, but you may not know how to go about it.

Well, you need to consider some essential factors when choosing a good CMS for your projects.

One of the factors you should consider is support and onboarding. When purchasing anything, you always consider customer success management and the kind of support your chosen vendor provides. It is not different when choosing a vendor for your headless CMS. Given that the technology is quite new, wrapping your head around it can be daunting. Kontent by Kentico will give you all the help and support you need.

You also need to consider the CMS infrastructure provided by your vendor. In particular, you should choose a vendor that provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution because it is more secure. In SaaS, the content management element is hosted in the cloud as the frontend component resides on your server. Some vendors offer only managed hosting in the cloud.

The API response time is also an essential consideration when choosing a headless CMS. It influences the quality of user experience and the speed of your application. Your best headless CMS vendor, Kontent, provides a Content Delivery Network for APIs and digital assets, enhancing their CMS's API response time.

Well, you know the factors to consider when choosing the best headless CMS for your business. However, it can be a daunting task going about asking and considering these factors before finally settling for the best headless CMS. However, you don't need to worry because we have done the homework on your behalf and compiled a list of the top CMS in the market. Read on to find out.

1: Kontent by Kentico

Topping this list is your favorite Kontent by Kentico. This headless CMS guarantees you a content delivery API that ensures your content is consumable on any channel or device. Additionally, it ensures a short response time, ensuring your content consumers have a significant customer experience. The vendor incorporates a content management API based on webhooks, content utilization, and personalized components that power incorporations to other third-party software. Some of the customers utilizing headless CMS FROM Kontent are Little Dot Studios, Luminary, and Leo Express. The vendor offers businesses all the benefits of a headless CMS while engaging advertisers due to its high-quality substance operation highlights. We won't forget to commend the excellent customer service and support.

2: Magnolia

The Switzerland-based company's headless CMS helps businesses build their websites and unify all their content in a central hub. Magnolia allows content developers to share structured content across multiple channels and devices. Additionally, the Magnolia headless CMS enables developers to incorporate other frontend frameworks with the backend.

3: Agility CMS

This Content-First CMS represents content through APIs. This allows you to select any programming language to allow developers to build any website or application they would prefer.

4: Contentful

This company has its headquarters in Berlin, Germany, and offers an API-driven headless CMS. It allows you to work on your content from a central hub and share it across as many devices and channels as you need.

5: Butter CMS

This is an additional API-driven headless CMS. The Butter CMS provides several features, including multi-size support, a user dashboard, and flexible content modeling. The content management system supports a What You See Is What You Get interface.

Final Thought

Your best headless CMS from Kontent provides you with an opportunity to manage your content in an environment characterized by multichannel sharing and access. Visit us today for an excellent experience!

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