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RE: 20 years in the making!!!! I finally did a FIRST FREE ASCENT!!!!

in #climbing2 years ago

Congrats on your first first free ascent!

That's super rad! Is there potential for you to put up a couple more lines in the area? Must be a nice feeling!


Totally! This is just the first of at least 10 routes that will be going up on this part of the wall. This is the most esthetic and classic of the lines. It took us some time to get it cleaned and bolted but It is done! From the anchor ledge 4 routes can be top roped right now. At least one of them will be getting a handful of bolts which will make a 45 meter long climb up the arete. We top roped it yesterday and it has some super killer moves on it.

Too cool. Where abouts are you? I see you posting about Valhalla all the time, but I feel like I saw you say that you're in the USA somewhere?

This is really inspiring me to set up the climbing database for my site -- your new crag / routes could be the first entries

By Spokane Washington. The walls we are on are in the north east corner of the state. Only a 3 hour drive from Valhalla and about an hour and a half from Castlegar