And if all this wasn't enough,...

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Back in the 40's the c_a was young and thirsty for knowledge.

Now, knowledge is power, and if you teach the slaves to read they rebel, everytime.

So, the c_a locked up this knowledge under the guise of 'national security'.
You have been intentionally kept in the dark.

Their(the powers that shouldn't be) purposes are better served by servile, docile, barely literate, slobbering morons than they are well informed critical thinkers.

This knowledge base was declassified in 2016.
Ben Davidson was in on making that happen.

This is where you come in, dear reader.
Take the time to watch this video.
If it gets to dragging, up the the run rate.
If it doesn't, thank me in the comments.


Definitions = DeafPhoenecians

They think they can read, and Spell, but they can't. The Spell is on them.