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Hey, there Steemit. This is another one on 'what should a climate emergency look like?'...

I'll finish up the series by suggesting what I think genuine and real change should look like. We won't get anything like it, of course.

I uploaded it to Bitchute and will post the link below as Youtube removed the last video in this series. I don't want my Youtube channel shut down as I have about 500 videos on there and I don't want them erased from the internet. My Youtube channel isn't even monetized so I see no good reason to have my work wiped off the net. So Bitchute it is until I can find another video sharing site that works and is simple for Luddites.

I was able to figure out Bitchute embed protocols so it's on my site now.

The streaming is likely a little slower. I preamble on this one talking about the November 3, 2019 'they are going to blow up Seattle' video that is going around...It's likely another psyop as another real scientific paper was published shortly before that debunks the official narrative of Sept. 11...So, create this bullshit and when nothing happens they can call 'conspiracy theorists' crazy...Eventually, I get to the point in this video around six minutes in.