Climate Change

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You know we've actually been developing technology that could in our near future be an industrial solution to excessive carbon emissions, some being new strains of E. coli bacteria that eats CO2 for energy rather than some of the organic compounds bacteria normally thrives on, another being those algae tanks. Hey after that new fusion reactor that potentially proves to be highly efficient could rush investors to build more of the same reactors.

So the biggest contributors to climate change would be the US, India, and China, however, I've noticed via some statistics (though not enough yet) that shows the US is leading in reducing the rate of carbon emissions. However despite whether that being entirely accurate, if the US cuts down further by using fewer fossil fuels, switching to cleaner energy and maybe killing a few cows, etc, the demand for some fossil fuels will drop meaning potentially more production in countries like India and China. India's also booming in their carbon emissions at a huge rate, by what means of preventing these countries do we have outside protesting from the US?

The point here might also be that it's not the end of the world, it doesn't seem to be contributing to some end of the world scenario in the biblical sense, there are far more issues taxpayer money can go into for everyone. I thought it might be good if we invested in the production of high nutrition ration supplies where we could create a universal basic ration supply for many people but instead we seem to advertise the complaining of bigger and usually hard to solve problems than going through small steps at a time.
There's a book I know called "How to Spend $75 Billion to Make the World a Better Place" by Bjørn Lomborg which gets a bunch of scientific experts together where they work out various means of using 75 billion in the most efficient way to well, make the world better. The only issue that book mentions about climate change is that climate change is not the biggest problem facing the world and that climate doomsayers are not the worlds saviors.

However one of the biggest potential methods presented in that book had been childrens malnutrition puts a large cap on the geniuses in the world to solve many other problems we're plagued with, if we had a system that while not preventing starvation but at least provided children in many countries with the right kind of nutrition, we'd have potentially millions more geniuses in the world.


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