Have you watched The Circle - reality with a twist


Ok so I stumbled onto the circle on netflix by accident on a rainy day and love it.

Its your classic winner take all competition but with a fun twist. Each contestant is stuck in thier own living space. They can only interact with each other via chat and have a facebook like profile which they add to.

They can choose to be themselves or be a fake profile. They chat via voice to text and can have group chats or one on one convos. There is of course a variety of different competitions to get to know each other and at the end of the week they vote for top 3 circle people.

This can get pretty strategic, do you vote for an ally or someone you think will not get votes? Also people suspected to be fake also tend to get alot of grief.

The top person tends to get the power to vote someone out. There is also a bit of fun that the person voted out can visit on other person before they go, often being a big reveal and sharing of some advice.

Well worth a watch is you want to watch something silly, also it has different versions for diffrent countries in diffrent languages!

Logo belongs to The Circle