Rizzle free Sponsorship code

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Hello my Lovely humans ,

I just got my sponsorship code for this app , so people can sponsor other people in this people . And I got my sponsorship code. Just in case if you are coming to this platform . Here it is , SPONSORASHLEY , if you come there... Just add me , I'm ashleyprasad there..and I'll help you out..🥰 don't worry about anything too.. I kinda was not sure about this app..you guys know me...

So if you come...then hit me up 🤗 I'll help you

May Abba keep blessing you guys . We can use this platform to spread the word of the Lord too


Nowadays no one is active on steem. All have shifted to hive blockchain.

Oooo man...I didn't know..what is that.. ? With the same password and all..or you have to create a new account ?

Yes... With the same password and all.. go to https://www.hive.blog or https:www.peakd.com to login. https://www.hiveblocks.com/@ashley4u is the block explorer.

https://www.hive.io will give you more details.