Allowing Children to spend more time in Nature

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It is said if we want a healthy society we need to start shaping up our children from an early age. We are rapidly advancing to the Machine age. We have seen in the recent times how the whole of education system has changed.

Just a couple of months ago Children were going to School, stepping out of their home in a different environment, meeting their friends, having extra curricular activities, having fun with their friends, which I would also say quality time and now in the last few months, what the children do is, spend most of their time at home in front of the computer screens.

I am now aware much about other countries, but in Oman and India I am aware the Schools are shut and education is now all online. Which means no break through for a Child in the outside world. Due to the lockdown, they are already confined in 4 walls and the education system is all driving them towards becoming an artificial super-intelligent race. Do we see this is really a healthy environment for a child to grow in.


Now many will argue that how can they risk lives of children by sending them to school in this pandemic and hence the online education system is justified. But to think of it, I feel it is creating more harm to the children then the virus and if this gets extended for a longer duration of time it will really hamper their emotional, mental growth in many ways.

We are clearly progressing rapidly towards a machine world and leaving behind our natural evolution. People who are heavily involved with the machine world may not find anything wrong with this, but you look at it from the other side you will clearly see that we are at a very fast pace destroying our biological body, the growth of our cognitive abilities. And for children it is the most dangerous because they can adapt to their surroundings very fast and start identifying themselves with it. So do we really want our future generations to be identified as Machines more then biological humans.

May be the current situation may not give a chance to many parents to break through the systems, but they can simultaneously take their own steps to balance the situation. Allow the child to spend time in nature as much as possible, with activities like gardening, taking care of pets, helping out with some home essentials, getting their hands on to some artistic work and not only getting them hooked on to their computer screens through out the day.

Children are very smart and they pick on whatever is in front of them at a super rapid speed. We in general at a large are getting more and more disconnected from the nature. We will see how small children today instinctively know how to use mobile phones, play games, use technology with so much ease. What we elders sometimes find it difficult it is absolutely easy for them, they get hang of devices within seconds.


Children are so much hooked up to the online games that they literally start defining themselves with it, they forget there is world outside and so much get engrossed in it. It's like living in a all together another matrix, which is all technical. Sometimes you would even see that when they are not on their devices, their mind is still occupied over there and they want to go back to that world as soon as possible and if it continues for a longer period this virtual reality starts becoming the consciousness.

Do we think all this is very healthy for a Child's mental growth?
What do we want for our children and the future generations. A synthetic life or a life filled with natural beauty around where one can pause appreciate what is around, one still has the senses to enjoy the beauty of the nature, one still has the capacity to think consciously and connect with nature.

I have also seen children when they go for holidays with their parents, they are still craving for their mobile phones, they are least interested in spending time in nature unless the holiday is to some theme park which is again all about machines they immediately get hooked on to it, but if it is a natural environment, they cannot connect and associate themselves with it, they are so disconnected and it is only because this connection has never happened right from the beginning and hence they are not able to identify themselves with it. All they can identify themselves with are the gadgets, their mobile phones, their laptops. They find nature boring, just like an elderly person will find a mobile phone boring.

A lot of people may find all of this very normal and no issue with their children spending the machine time, but gradually as they grown up, we see they are cut off from so much of emotions which is core existence of human life. We do not want robots around us right, we want living humans with their human capabilities and not machine capabilities, hence it is so imperative for this particular generation specially to imbibe these values in the younger generation of today so that we can really have a healthy and a conscious generation coming up for the future, who in turn will also want the same for their future generations.

Technology has so rapidly advanced in the last few years and we have been over whelmed with it, but we should understand how much of it we want in our lives. Do we want to control the machines or do we want the machines to control us, is a big question one should ask themselves to decide what they want. If we do not pull the strings here, very soon our children when they grow up will have no jobs. Most of the jobs will be done by robots, and god knows what humans would be doing. May be fight wars.

Let us give our Children the childhood they deserve and not what the system desires.

Technology is good in many ways, but let it be used in the right manner, at the right time and in right ways that can really help us grow in every way.

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Well, we have started our morning exercises, even though, no one comes up. Initially we stopped as the apartment society advised to come out, but then I thought, you can't just develop resistance sitting at home. Better to face it with fitness.

True, and we do not know how long we will be in this, so we cannot completely stop living and I have seen that people who have always been all the time at home just by themself have also got infected. Rather spending time in nature will help you with fresh air and good health