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From chess to DeFi. Interesting development.
Not sure, what´s the point, maybe I missed something.

You say, "Between 90% and 100% of the curation rewards produced will be paid out". But if I don´t delegate, 100% will be payed out - to me. So why should I delegate?


"to get an interesting return on their HP as well as contribute greatly to the growth of this project"

what is not clear here?

All authors who get votes are getting help and more and more fun will arrive.

Not clear is why someone should grow another project for the sake of his own growth. As if one would say, "your project is less worth than mine, so delegate something". Then why not simply ask for donations directly, instead of diguising them? My account has also grown over the last 6 years, but all by myself, I never begged for votes or delegations! So I feel justified to ask a simple question, if someone tries to grow a project all by the help of others and not by own investments/efforts.

Thank you for your comment and questions. Please excuse us for the lateness of the response, for some reason we missed this thread.

We understand your concern about "growing another project for the sake of one's own growth". However, we believe that by delegating to the Chess Brothers team, delegators acquire several benefits that make the option attractive and therefore considered an investment. For example:

-They can receive a passive income, which is even more desirable for those hivers who are not actively voting on their own and run the risk of their VP going to waste.
-They can avoid having unnecessary losses due to sub-optimization, as we strive to maintain optimal curation.
-They can do this as a complement to the curation trails and their own venture.
-They can perceive liquid rewards without the need to powerdown their own accounts.
-They can feel as patrons of the project by supporting our work with their delegation.
-They can promote their image by being recognized as investors in our reports and spaces.
-They can opt for other benefits that we have in mind to offer (this is just the 1.0 plan, as you can read in the post).

Our team strives to deliver valuable content and engage with the community, and we believe the "Master Investor" plan can help us achieve those goals while providing benefits to our delegators.

We do not see this plan as a way of "begging" for delegations. We believe that does not adequately represent what we do and offer. We are a team of responsible professionals and we believe we have demonstrated that. We have invested a lot of resources in this project, not just in terms of HP. We can help you learn more about it if you wish.

We see this plan as a mutually beneficial opportunity for investors to get rewards and support a growing project. We understand that everyone's investment strategies and goals are different, and we respect your decision not to delegate.

Thank you again for your feedback, and please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Thanks for your answer which is much richer than I have expected. Some of the benefits I had not on my radar. I will rethink this.

I think the chessbrothers project is something new and worth to support. If you see the latest video on youtube from them you see their big effort to get the idea of fittness and chess together. Also in Venezuela things are not as easy as they are for us here in central Europe.
(I had a look to the proposals today for the first day, and what to say, i.e. 84000 HBD per year to run a webpage is astronomical stupid and I never will support such things)

Sorry for the delay for some wierd reason we missed this message. Thank you for your positive feedback on the Chess Brothers project and your interest in supporting it. It's great to see that you can count on us as we do with you.