AI it is the future and as important as the Internet

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I've become fascinated by AI its ramifications, uses and abuses and how much it will change so many things in our lives. I really think it will be as revolutionary as the internet and evetntually permiate all our lives, in the same way smart phones and the internet already do.

So many jobs will change and I think some services will become loads cheaper because AI will do it faster and more efficiently: things like many specialist writnig services, copywriting and many legal and design jobs.

An easy access point to chat has been and its turning out to be an interesting search engine worth a bit more use too.

I asked : how is chat gpt going to change the world of blogging

The service on said:
ChatGPT is set to revolutionize the world of blogging by providing a powerful AI tool that can generate human-like text. By using a large language model, ChatGPT can generate text based on the input it receives, allowing bloggers to create high-quality blog posts with minimal effort. Additionally, the AI-generated text is often more accurate and detailed than what a human would be able to produce, making it a valuable tool for content creation. Finally, ChatGPT can also be used to create blog posts on topics that a human may not be familiar with, allowing bloggers to target a wider audience.

Ive asked a load of questions and the range and breadth of knowledge that this shortened service spits out is mindblowing.
i keep getting sucked into reels with people explaining the latest AI tool. The latest this evening being something that keeps your video call looking like you are looking directly at the camera even if you are looking off to the side, See it to believe it here.

Blurgh sorry facebook link.

any way enough words for this evening.