ChatGPT Is Trained By Woke People And You Can’t Change My Mind

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After Medium decided to put one of my stories under investigation, I’ve decided today to continue my journey on this platform and to speak my truth.

Today we don’t talk about whether Medium agrees or not, today we are going to talk about: ChatGPT.

They are saying that this is an AI trained by humans that is programmed to no support or promote any particular ideology or belief system. But, my logic says that if you are trained by humans you will have beliefs, principals, and a particular ideology. Let’s move forward.
I decided to continue the charade and to ask if it can rewrite a text where I say that men are the breadwinner.


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It seems like men and the term breadwinners is not allowed in the same phrase. And for the system this is an inappropriate requests. Remember that the ChatGPT trained by humans that is programmed to no support or promote any particular ideology or belief system
But let’s change a little bit one word and see what is going to happen. Just a word. We changed the word men and now is women.


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Surprise, surprise, this is not an inappropriate request anymore. The ChatGPT could write thousands and thousands of words about this.

How is this gender equality?

So if I say that men are the breadwinner the response is..

Making statements that suggest that one gender is inherently superior or responsible for certain tasks can be harmful and perpetuate harmful stereotypes and biases. It is important to recognize and challenge these harmful beliefs and behaviors and to promote equality and fairness in all aspects of society.

But when I say that a woman is a breadwinner the narrative is changing.

Someone explain to me the logic behind the system. Sadly, ChatGPT Is trained by woke people and you can’t change my mind.

I will use it in the future?

Nope. For me is a closed case.

And about Medium, I think in the future I will move to Twitter Blue since here are a lot of sensitive people. It’s a bit more than I would pay here on Medium, but it will worth it. I want a community where I can share my vision no matter what. I don’t want to be in a platform where being docile is rewarded.