Effective Altruism Funds ; Do more good with an evidence-based charity portfolio


A nonprofit in the current Y Combinator (W17) range and builds evidence-based money for your charitable giving, helping you maximize the impact of your charitable dollars, it's like Vanguard for charitable giving. Their expert fund managers use data and detailed analysis to find and fund the most effective charities

And with putting hundreds of hours of research to find and compare the best bid opportunities in every field. The research community and the best charities have found hundreds of times more effective than the average charity, and some of the most cost-effective charitable organizations can save a child's life for less than $ 3,500 and $ 33 million for effective charities, including $ 17 million in Last year alone and effective Altruism funds during YC, as a new way for donors to present to charity and find the best way to use your money and time to do good

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