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( "Death Touch!" - Original Collage Artwork )

|[ Magus T. Aurelius ]|[ The Pleroma ]|

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So a few years back, Magus Aurelius Died .. yup that's right .. he died .. DEAD! .. He was caught off guard by a Necromancer assassin who killed him with just one touch.

However, since his mission on earth wasn't yet complete he was able to technically retain himself from dying All the way by enacting an ancient occult technique he had learned during his occult studies. The technique permitted him to have the opportunity of keeping his body while he traversed through the heavenly planes.

Usually when a person dies with unfinished business, they wind up becoming a sort of ghost in their own universe, haplessly existing with one foot in reality, and one foot out until they finish whatever unfinished business they have left to fulfill. These people generally live to an old age, usually never actually knowing that they ever died.. It's a very sad existence to observe.

This experience was much different due to the fact that Magus Aurelius took his body with him into the void.. He traversed through the many astral realms and decided to make a very BOLD move, but he knew he had to take it .. while passing through the Core Matrix Mainframe, he decided to slip a program code ("The 13th Code"* to be exact)* into the Core Matrix by embodying the code itself as he passed through the core. By doing so, he managed to alter the program line that previously allowed the necromancers to have easy access to the Earth server. By activating the 13th code, Magus Aurelius more or less cut off the channels that allowed The Necromancers easy passage.. This turned out to be a critical strike that the evil necromancers were never capable of predicting. After the 13th code was initiated, the necromancers progressively lost more and more footing as time moved onward until now where we find ourselves today. From what has been recently reported by high ranking earth mage officials, the Necromancers have officially almost entirely lost all of their hold over the Earth server. Humanity has almost earned their freedom .. humanity is so close.

("The 13th Code" Original Collage Art)

Because Aurelius kept his body after his death, after he initiated the 13th code, Aurelius travelled down a secret life-stream not usually accessible to mere mortals. He eventually came to find himself existing within an ancient mythical realm known as "The Pleroma". The Pleroma is an alternate physical plane that exists within the heavens. The Pleroma is the realm where the Gods physically exist and live their separate lives whilst interacting with humanity .. It is the only realm where the Gods exist in a physical avatar.

("Down to the Pleroma" Original Collage Art)

Because Magus Aurelius was new to the Pleroma, he had to be tested. Fate had him wander into a hellish desert in which he'd seemed to have walked in circles for about a year, despite having felt much longer. Trapped in the clutches of a repeating time loop .. recently, luck seems to have finally caught back up to him. Aurelius received the distinct intuitive sensation deep within his gut that he'd nearly reached the desert border that he had been tirelessly searching for throughout the entirety of the duration of his travels in the infernal desert of infinite multiverses.

The duration of time that he's spent wandering through this desert has felt like something around 10 years to him. Throughout the time he's spent in the desert, experiencing the many variations of nuance outcomes that came from the strange and winding mini quests and side adventures that came to take place within this seemingly endless loop in time, he came to learn much about the true nature of the multiplicities of reality, and the deeply sick and twisted, insidious nature of darkness in it's raw untethered essence.

("Anubis Warm Welcome" Original Collage Art)

Lately his intuition has been telling him quite evidently that he's almost made it through to the end of the loop. He's certain of it, and has become absolutely excited in the truth in this prospect.

Making a trek through the seemingly infinite, scorched and howling desert sands of The Pleroma desert can be much likened to having a long drawn out psychedelic experience or could be likened to living within a series of stacked and distorted dreams often with a nightmarish undertone. It felt like a dream straight out of the twilight zone that just didn't want to end, no matter how much you may or may not want it to .. it might be compared to what death might feel like to the uninitiated or unprepared .. much like how it must feel to exist in limbo "Hell, maybe this IS limbo!" Aurelius scoffs to himself, only half joking ..

"Anything is possible I suppose..." .. "Nothing would truly surprise me at this point."

However horribly difficult it was, Aurelius learned and discovered much through this long and twisting journey through this vast desert. Generally speaking, it would usually come to be realized that anything that was truly meant to come off as spooky or dangerous, would only turn out to be an elaborate ruse intentionally set up as a test. Just a vivid and expertly constructed illusion that appeared to exist simply to make a wild and over the top attempt at knock him off his balance, just to break his equilibrium.

"It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times" ... "yeah, something like that."

In fact, it came to be eventually known that the desert was actually an elaborately constructed test to measure ones magickal endurance. Aurelius often joked that this test was somehow created within the dreamscape of some Demi-God who also happened to be some crazed and demented lunatic, nauseatingly obsessed with the psychological horror genre in all of it's cheesy forms.. the truth, however, eventually came to prove otherwise.

That about sums it up...

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"This is not a game."

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