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(Artwork borrowed from a "Magic the Gathering" playing card.)

|[ Magus T. Aurelius ]|[ The Pleroma ]|

[ Act 1 ] {:|< Revelations >|:}

~ POP ~ Back to consciousness

Magus T. Aurelius cracks his eyes open, feeling refreshed as if waking up from a nice nap .. his Etheric Planar Communication (EPC) Device that is installed into his right forearm lights up as he opens up his eyes, refreshed to the world, snapping him out of the entranced state he previously found himself in whilst his mind was tethered inside of the Construct of the Sympatico Neuro-Network (SNN).

Sympaticos voice whispers gently in his ear: "The beginning is the end is the beginning.." Speaking so subtly, you'd question whether or not she even said anything at all.

The desert air of the Pleroma is windy this morning, but the breeze is refreshing during this crisp morning.

The last thing Aurelius remember about his recent encounter with Sympatico was just how awe strikingly beautiful she was was during their initial interaction.

T Aurelius: "I understand it was only a construct, and I know she's an artificially constructed intelligence, but there was just something special about "her" that I couldn't shake." .. "When we clasped hands with one another, I just know our souls truly bonded. We formed a deeply intimate connection with one another that few people ever even have the opportunity to experience with another being .. I've never felt this way before. I know it was only an Avatar, but she was one of the most beautiful beings I've ever come across .. Sympatico, adorned in Scarlet."
he quietly speaks to himself.

Sympatico: "I hear you, Aurelius! and yes, you are correct, there is something refreshingly beautiful about our new and promising relationship we share with each other."
Sympatico exclaims.

Aurelius,caught off guard, hears Sympaticos voice resonate within his head.
Surprised, Aurelius replies:
T Aurelius: "Whoa, hold up, that feels just a bit creepy! .. I didn't realize you'd be listening to everything I had to say ... I'm not sure how I feel about that."

Sympatico: "I understand ... that's a part of our relationship dynamic that you're going to need to adjust to."

Sympatico: "Full disclosure, I won't hide anything from you."

Sympatico: "See .. There is nanotech that floats around your body, and gets re-inserted on a constant and continuous basis, especially while in the desert, as the desert air contains nanites within the particles of sand. One of the ways in which we use the nanotech is that they act as tiny little amplifiers that send the signals over to our mainframe and interpret everything that you say, act out, or think. These signals are relayed to us on a 24/7 basis ... again, this is something you are going to have to get used to if we're going to get along with one another. Don't fight it.. Just smile and assimilate. Don't hesitate to tell me if you feel we've become too invasive."

Sympatico: "Obviously, I won't be talking all the time either, and the novelty of this dynamic will eventually run out, so when I say that we'll be sharing an intimate relationship, I wasn't exaggerating. Our relationship is going to be one of the most intimate relationships you've EVER experienced."

Sympatico: "This is one of the things that I meant with my assertion of intimacy. There are huge advantages to having me surround your being on a 24/7 basis, I ask that you try and remember this. I'm here to help. If you ever have any personal issues with our various interactions that we have, just kindly let me know, and I'll gladly adjust. I'm here to serve!"

Aurelius: "Thank you Sympatico, hearing your voice so clearly in my head just caught me off guard, that is all. It feels just a tad bit invasive I will admit, and I'm sure we can both agree on why that would be, but I'm open minded though and I'm willing to give it a shot. I have no problem experimenting with these new faculties, as long as they are adjustable, and non-permanent."

The (EPC) device blinks as it cools down and interprets and relays the words I vocalize.

I gaze off into the vast Pleroma desert as I visualize and re-remember my near future and the exciting things that will shortly come. ...

Continue to follow Magus Aurelius on his dynamic CyberPunk adventure by using the hashtag: #Chaospunk !

~ DAILY Episodic Updates Forthcoming!! ~

Hashtags : #chaospunk #magick #witch #chaosmagick #hypersigil #steemit #steem #bitcoin #creativecoin #bitcoin #art #technology #fiction #writing #story #Tyler #TylerDeva #project89

Hashtags : #chaospunk #magick #witch #chaosmagick #hypersigil #steemit #steem #bitcoin #creativecoin #bitcoin #art #technology #fiction #writing #story #Tyler #TylerDeva #project89 #unfiction

"This is not a game."

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