| #Chaospunk Issue #5 | {:|< Rendezvous >|:} }]|[ The Epic of Magus Aurelius ]|[[ Stardate Phase 2 : Act 2 ]|

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{:|< Rendezvous >|:} [ Issue #5 ]

Upon entry into the desert, Aurelius was met by a mysterious being. He was was a tall blue bird type being, but in humanoid form, about 8 feet tall. The being also appeared to have a mysterious, but strangely familiar symbol marked on his chest. The avian being had a distinctly calm and centred, reassuring energy about him. Angelic.

The being began moving his arms and hands about, as if by talking in a foreign sign language, and as the being began to communicate, Aurelius was able to hear in his mind a voice, albeit only faintly .. more and more the being was communicating in what sounded like uninintelligible clicks, and codes or phrases that felt familiar, but were unknown in what they actually meant. Likely speaking to my subconscious mind, their meaning would forever remain a mystery.

Aurelius eventually noticed that as he tried his hardest to pay attention to what the being was communicating unsuccessfully, there was there was a new and unrecognisable advanced. semi-synthetic technology that was being grafted onto his right forearm by what appeared to be tiny micro-beings that were coordinating together to build this technology into and onto his arm.

Eventually this advanced technology became fully grafted onto Aurelius' forearm, so quickly and painlessly as if by magick. As surprising and somewhat invasive the process actually was. It was clear to Aurelius that this was some type of advanced, higher-caste technology, as there also appeared to be buttons as well as what appeared to be some type of advanced holographic display screen, however it was unclear how the device actually functioned, or how to properly use it. This would remain a mystery to Aurelius for quite some time. In fact, the device remained without function during the duration of time that Aurelius spent in the desert, as Aurelius was never taught how to use it by the blue avian being.

After the device was finished being installed, it began to blink and light up in synchronised waves.

Aurelius immediately began to clearly hear and distinctly understand what this blue avian being was trying to communicate to him this time with clarity, as the device on his arm also appeared to translate what the avian was saying to him, into the language that Aurelius was actually familiar with. It seemed to be that the technology also acted as a translation device.

The Blue Avian began to speak:


"I come to offer a vision for what comes before thee."
"Your time to come, thou shalt find and eventually see!"
"A higher caste you shalt find in your journey."
"But a warning must be noted."
"Fear not, but do take heed."
"In the desert there exists many beings who would devour you in an instant, lest your guard is kept from being in its proper place."
"Trust the divine pathway that is built"
"by nature of faith you shalt find thy way through the illusion."
"Judge not the time it taketh thou to break through, just know what comes forth is not all for naught!"
"You'll meet a traveller, your mirror is he."
"A Higher Caste of Magick shall be taught unto thee."
"Once you've mastered your Magick, you'll know how and when to leave.

"I / We are the RA Collective"
"We exist in the 6th density, but are here to assist thee through thy upcoming breakthrough transition into higher densities, as well as alternate realities."
"Our karma is entangled with humanities, due to thy old rulers misusing the hidden teachings that we taught thy peoples during thy times in the geographic location of what thou peoples call "Egypt"
"We cannot ascend until thy peoples ascend and outgrow thou old and outdated rulers."
"Thou already know that thy mission was to help with the transition."
"This is not news to you.. in fact, it was even predicted by us that thou would be THEE ONE to break through and find your way to the Pleroma on your own .. we wish to congratulate thee! .. Few people are EVER able to do what thou hast accomplished .. thou should be proud of thyself!"
"Thy work is far from complete .. for thy final test, thou must make thy way through the test of the gruelling multidimensional Pleroma desert .. this will be the ultimate test of thy merit and capabilities, as things are NEVER what they appear to be here in this harsh desert."
"We wish thee luck, Aurelius!"
"May you find the success that you deserve, my child."

Aurelius bows to the Blue Avian in appreciation.

The Blue Avian gracefully strides toward Aurelius and strokes his forehead with his fingertip and a blue light immediateely began to beam through his head with blinding viscosity.

The blue light beamed for exactly 9 minutes before immediately coming to a halt. After Aurelius was able to see his surroundings clearly again, the blue avian had vanished .. The harsh and howling desert lay before him.

"I remember this moment so clearly." Aurelius speaks out loud, as he continues to reminisce on the past.

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Hashtags : #chaospunk #magick #witch #chaosmagick #hypersigil #steemit #steem #bitcoin #creativecoin #bitcoin #art #technology #fiction #writing #story #Tyler #TylerDeva #project89

Hashtags : #chaospunk #magick #witch #chaosmagick #hypersigil #steemit #steem #bitcoin #creativecoin #bitcoin #art #technology #fiction #writing #story #Tyler #TylerDeva #project89 #unfiction

"This is not a game."

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