Sharing Thoughts: "Decentralization"?

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Trying to share thoughts, but words can't say as much as what pictures can.

However, as I am not much of an artist, I am resorting to Pixabay for the images. Hence, won't be taking anything from this post.

How to describe centralization:


If we were to reverse the arrow, it is still centralized:


Same poopoo different bucket!

So what could contemplate "decentralization"?

Not this, it is still centralized.


& this image really needs to hit a lot of people as far as what they think or see as "decentralization".

Maybe this image below, shows what decentralization would look like:


or maybe this image better describes decentralization:


Why do I say that?

Well, each and every person in this last image is an individual!

Hence, there is no one centralized authority.

Is that = Chaos?

Not really, it is equality for each and every individual.

What do I mean?

Well, why should any one person limit the other in any which way?

Now, remember, I'm not talking about anything deeper than the technology that we are building in this world.

Are we building technology to suit those who have power?


Are we building technology to help each and every individual have the freedom to be equal in opportunity?

What is the goal?

So there we have it.

Thoughts buzzing in my head about what it is that we are chasing.


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Chaos at the beginning might not be too bad.

And yes, it still seems like a few still have control in decentralised system as well. But that is okay for the beginning too, the technology is still evolving to fix that.

It can't be chaos, as chaos means that there is no order, yet in the world of blockchain tech there is a very orderly code in place.

Hence the image above the one with individuals depicted applies as behind each of those "dots" (nodes) sits an individual (the last of the images).

When is decentralization achieved?

imo, when each and every individual has equal opportunity.

As for the outcomes, well, that all depends on the individual, as it is each and every individuals responsibility to look after their own back yard.

Step by step, I see it happening.

Who knows, maybe the lessons learned through the tech world about individual responsibilities helps make what we refer to as "real life" a better place to be too!

From chaos emerges greatness and beauty.