HiveOnBoard Suspended From Twitter #Censorship

in #censorship2 years ago

Twitter censorship has been taken to another level recently and with the guise of "insurrection" as the excuse (i.e. the government has been "insurrected" a long time ago). This time @hiveonboard has been suspended!


I'm not sure the exact "reasoning" Twitter gave so let me know if you know.

Of note is that even @threespeak founder @theycallmedan had been suspended last year as well on Twitter.


This type of blatant censorship by big tech makes platforms such as the Hive blockchain all the more important!



What was the problem, They suspend hive onboard account??

That's what happens when they realize you're the competition and you can't be bought out.😀

rip in pieces

Damn, crazy this is all happening. It’s been a long time coming.
The exodus is underway.
It’s up to us to share all of our hiveonboard links to help new users get signed up.