Google Insider Leaked Proof of Censorship/Manipulating Search Results, Google Tried to Ruin His Life

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Google has been tampering with the data on the internet, and preventing you from finding what's out there. All in the name of pushing their political ideology and bias onto you.

An ex-Google employee smuggled out some Google docs before he left, and handed them over to the DOJ last Friday along with his laptop. About 950 pages of documents was handed over to the Antitrust division of the DOJ which allege to prove Google created and used algorithms to target words, phrases and contexts that manipulated internet content.


The insider has revealed himself today on Project Veritas. His name is Zachary Vorhies

"I gave the documents to Project Veritas, I had been collecting the documents for over a year. And the reason why I collected these documents was because I saw something dark and nefarious going on with the company and I realized that there were going to not only tamper with the elections, but use that tampering with the elections to essentially overthrow the United States."

Vorhies wants more Google employees to come forward and blow the lid off the "don't be evil" evil company that is manipulating American politics to suit their agenda.

"I felt that our entire election system was going to be compromised forever, by this company that told the American public that it was not going to do any evil"

That's pretty damning for Google.

Vorhies further goes on to state they called the police on him after they suspected he was a "leaker", asking the police to perform a "wellness check" for alleged "mental health" instability.

"they got inside the gate, the police, and they started banging on my door… And so the police decided that they were going to call in additional forces. They called in the FBI, they called in the SWAT team. And they called in a bomb squad."

"[T]his is a large way in which [Google tries to] intimidate their employees that go rogue on the company..."

Vorhies is proud of what he did, saying a "burden lifted off of my soul." If only more people stood for principles like he does, rather than stay silent for the Google paycheck.


I am sorry for this guy.
The DOJ and Goolag work for the same people.

Nothing like turning over the evidence on your boss to your boss' friend.

Not only that, he thinks this is all so they would "not let another Donald Trump win the presidency," as if Trump is somehow their enemy and any better than any other puppet would have been :) The same Trump who JUST talked about working closer with social media to crack down on potential mass shooters before they commit any crimes.

IF anything, Trump has been far 'better' for the elite than Hillary would have been, for at least he's got a large number of people fooled thinking that he's anti-establishment and actually gonna 'bring down the deep state' and 'drain the swamp' all while he goes on being a great Zionist puppet of the war machine just like all the recent presidents before him...

What i feel is that Chump will be the Obomber for the Republicrats.
Obomber said he would bring "hope and change" and failed to deliver, and basically broke the Democrons.
Chump, is promising swamp draining, and is failing to deliver.

At least Chump is shaking things up so bad that MSM's propaganda is getting transparent.

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release all documents to the public.

The media and Department of inJustice are completely owned and controlled.

ThemTube is a Monopsony and a Monopoly, but that was the reason it was built, and the reason millions were dumped into the bottomless pit.

I hope he had a Backup plan and sent the same data to Wikileaks, Veritas, Trump, and maybe his girlfriend too.

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Won't be surprised if he just ups and disappears or does get offed and all info is simply impossible to find on google.

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Wow... That's crazy/nutty. I heard about Project Veritas recently in another case with a whistleblower and it was pretty compelling stuff. It's not often enough I can say this in regards to groups out there or individuals, but they're doing a really good job with their efforts to expose corruption in the world! I need to look deeper into this story. Thanks for sharing the info Krnel! And I hope you've been doing well.

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