"Cat & Moon": five scenarios (but really only one)

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For a long time I did not return to my childhood dream of becoming a screenwriter, life took me in a completely different direction. But sometimes, more often at night (naturally) I continue to be overcome by obsessive thoughts. You need to dump it somewhere, but sharing it with loved ones is not an option. And then I remember that I have a damn blog, a real blog!

Okay, don't be scared, it's just psychotherapy.

Cat & Moon: five scenarios

#1 A young boy is a great fan of cats. One day, he gets a cat as a gift. Together, they travel across the world to discover the mysteries of the universe.

#2 A young girl, who lives in a remote village, asks a witch to make her a cat. The witch agrees to help, but makes her promise to never tell anyone about it. She takes a vow of silence, and the young girl is forced to live without ever telling anyone about her. Eventually, she must face her own fate.

#3 A young girl on the run from her abusive father and his new lover. She meets a friendly cat that gives her the opportunity to become a super-hero.

#4 (my favorite) Two friends are in love with the same girl but her father forbids them to marry. Luckily, their old friend has an idea: he gives them a book that tells the history of the world and when they read it they find out that the girl is pregnant by the friend's brother.

#5 A cat and his owner's dog are captured and transported to an exotic island where a mysterious man is trying to make them disappear.

I found a great picture, but for some reason I couldn't upload it. Only this time it didn't work. Perhaps this is fate? Either way, to hell with her.



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It’s not tearable.

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