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The cannabis markets have been opening up on a global scale and expanding exponentially. With that said we have already seen the bursting of the first major bubble. Please see the image from the cannabis stock index. CannabisStockIndex.png
In 2014 there was large investments into the cutting edge of the market. As of now re consolidation along with better products and technologies will rise to the top. The cannabis stock index is at an all time low. Signalling a time to get out or buy. Having some insider information; I am here to be the oracle that says...Wait, there is a lot of Ponzi-Pyriamids in the cannabis space now be careful. As the concept of global cannabis sounds appealing and investing in cannabis was a good idea in 2009, now its time to find the next wave to catch and ride. The cannabis industry is plagued by fraud and corruption. Growers have been known to alter the truth about what products they put on the crop in addition to the source of the genetics and potency. An interesting idea is smart chains that ensure product quality and implement ISO 9000 as a management system by default. Ironically the dead coin THC is now proposing such. Lets see where this goes. This is NOT an endorsement for THC coin. But do keep your ear to the ground on this issue as regulators look for avenues to open the markets and control the fraud. The smart investor shall have a complete immutable record of product from seed to final delivery. This shall be available to all via a web console that can be accessed by those that need to know. Once we see No more bait and switch, not more fraud and corruption in the cannabis industry, then we shall see that stock index take a swing up up and away....But for now as an insider I am seeing naive investors putting money into second and third world countries being billed two and three times for the same items and not producing any products.

Moving on you didn't come here today to get a history lesson; This article is about cutting edge investments and seeing the rise of the next wave while its just a ripple. With an opioid epidemic in north America we see people pulling out the stop gaps as an effort to preserve life. The tent cities of homeless from sea to shining sea are a clear indicator of the economic prosperity that was once the American Dream. Once upon a time the dopamine rush from going to work was so great that just two and a half days of minimum wage labor was enough to afford an ounce of gold. Today it takes about three weeks to get that same dopamine rush from going to work. The work an eight hour shift hasn't changed much. The labor is still the same, the cost of energy, and food have risen but not the wage. The printers are printing up new notes as fast as they can but still no prosperity and the once middle class is now forced to the street to enjoy their tent. Meanwhile working to live in the tent or homeless shelter this citizen is robbed of the dopamine rush that was once a job an earning a living that put a roof over their head and food on the table. So where to get that "satisfaction"? Thus the opioids and the epidemic.

Again you didn't come here for a history lesson; These people lack that rush, lack a sense of direction and meaning they are the lost American Dream. The key word here is Dream. Name a great achievement or invention and it started with a dream or vision..Thus we need to start dreaming and having visions again. As such we have seen in the tech sector the cutting edge taking "micro" doses of psychedelic drugs to enhance creativity. This is the next cutting edge wave to come to the investment cycle and you heard it here first. We see this hitting the main stream now in subtle ways.

Ibogaine is the next wave. It not only is an addiction reset; it provides the wakeful dream state, and stimulates N.G.F. nerve growth factor; IT STIMULATES NEURONS TO GROW. This has potential in a broad field of human conditions that are plaguing humanity and Dana Beal a lifelong activist is putting together a company to produce Iboga plant extracts and potentially combine them with CBD. While its on the scedule one list like cannabis in the USA it is legal most other parts of the world. Reach out to me if you interested in the next cutting edge and seeing how you can be the change in the world you want to see.


Interesting, micro dosing is definitely becoming more and more popular and I hadn't really heard of iboga being used in that respect (have done some reading on traditional use of iboga though).

I came to your blog through recommendation of a friend who vouched for you IRL, but I have to say that the lack of a profile picture is a bit of a red flag that might be keeping other people from checking out your work - I would definitely recommend adding some kind of profile picture to your account (doesn't have to be your face, but just anything so it isn't the generic blank avatar that comes by default). Good luck on Steem! Cheers

Thank you very much and well noted. I will fix that. Again, thank you.

Ok got admit, I am ignorant.. Where do I upload the photo??

Looks like you got it figured out :) It helps a lot to make you seem like a real account, as most real people would take the time to have some kind of profile picture while lots of spammers/scammers don't really take the time to make their profile look like legit. Welcome to Steem! Looking forward to more from you, Jaguar said you are a pillar of the cannabis community :)

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