Does HPV vaccine cause dysautonomia?

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The American Autonomic Society published the following statement in 2019 regarding HPV vaccines and dysautonomia:

“Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination has been anecdotally connected to the development of dysautonomia, chronic fatigue, complex regional pain syndrome and postural tachycardia syndrome… Certain conditions are prevalent in the same populations that are vaccinated with the HPV vaccine. This association, however, is an insufficient proof of causality.”

Dr. Blitshteyn from University of Buffalo’s Neurology department who has conducted many studies on the subject, published this response:



A 2017 study found Alhydrogel Aluminum (Al) "injected at low dose in mouse muscle may selectively induce long-term Al cerebral accumulation and neurotoxic effects." A possible causal link between thimerosal (mercury) in the hepatitis vaccine and autism has also been found in 2017.

Cannabis oil

another area of scientific research that's been heavily corrupted by politics, has been documented to treat symptoms of vaccine-induced dysautonomia. Just a few puzzle pieces to put together if you're actually critically researching vaccines and diseases instead of just lumping them all together and parroting catch-phrases like herd immunity while you ignore the fact that...

tetanus isn't contagious between people (unless they bite you), mumps isn't deadly, there's more strains of measles without vaccines than with, hepatitis and cervical cancer are treatable with cannabis oil, we never used to need a chicken pox vaccine, you won't hear about Epstein Barr virus until there's a vaccine, and we keep giving more and more vaccines earlier and earlier, but there's a possibility that vaccines cause autonomic and neurological deficits far worse than many of the diseases it supposedly protects against....we're just not allowed to talk about it or publish studies about it.


3.5 Billion was paid out to the families of vaccinated children who were harmed by the vaccines. In all those cases, it had to be proved that the children were definitely harmed by the vaccines, and no other possible cause could be imagined. That number would be growing exponentially, but they passed a law making it illegal to sue vaccine companies if they harm your child.

FaceBook says vaccines are safe, and you're not allowed to say otherwise.

Not sure if I need to keep thinking about this one. I'm pretty much decided, and it's a no across the board.

No thanks, no thanks, no thanks, no thanks. No to all.

Since we're not allowed to properly study the biology of vaccines, we can only study the social psychology of it. It scares me how people think it's so important, but can't even think critically about them: they lump them all together for one. And then the cognitive dissonance: why is it so important to risk autism or dysautonomia for non-lethal diseases like rubella? Why is it so important to give children a vaccine against sexually-transmitted oncoviruses (HPV), but on the other hand we censor cannabis research, which might actually cure cancer....rant rant rant

People who parrot the idea that there's only one discredited study claiming vaccines cause autism know nothing about the scientific method. Studies only get discredited or retracted for political reasons.

Scientific studies are peer-reviewed, where further studies on the subject are published to add support for or against an idea. Occasionally small errors are brought to attention and addressed. This idea that studies get stamped as illegitimate is so silly.

Scientific studies get "discredited" in the mainstream media for the layperson to see. Manufactured opinions = manufactured consent.