2 More Weeks To Go!

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What's up Weed Nerds? It has been 13 days since my last update, which brings me at the 60 day mark in flower. I have to say this grow has had its many ups, and downs. Overall I have to say it will be a nice way to finish before I tear down the 4x4, and then think of my next move. Either way I will be still here. Weather it be a small tiny 1 plant grow, or just buying 8ths from the club. Defiantly sucks, but then again it has become a pain growing in a 4x4, with little space. But lets take a look at these buds, with at least 2 more weeks to go.

Larrys Breath

This one just may be my favorite one out of the bunch. The smell is just on point in what I love in a good cannabis flower. Sweet, earthy, and gassy. It has got a little out of control with the the branches not supporting the weight on some of the colas. This is the time I am kicking myself in the ass for not installing a trellis. But still I take these plants out often, something that is even a bigger pain when you have a SCROG.

I am not even bothering looking at trichomes at this time. I am just trying to let go as long as I can. I have began flushing, and really have no choice to wait at least 7-10 more days. I planned it out this way, because I probably would say fuck it, and go ahead and chop to get this over with. Especially now that I am smoking on my smalls, although really enjoying the nice cure.

Chili Verde

This plant had to get the extra special treatment with the stakes. Buds falling over left, and right. I have to say that this plant is defiantly not hitting my expectations. I have had my sites on this cut for some time, and was actually the only clone out of the 4 that was actually on my wish list.

Even though this plant is not intriguing my senses, I know everything can change as soon as I get it in a jar, and smoke it. I do love the earthiness of it. Another thing I liked about it, is it seemed easy to grow. We will see how it develops over the next week.

Dosi Sherbert

I had my hands full taking these out last night, and forgot to take a whole picture of my Grow Challenge Contender for the 3 gallon bracket. This one is holding sturdy, and seems to be the best genetics out of the bunch. This is another strain that reminds me of Wedding Cake, which is very, very nice. But the only thing is I am so burnt out on these type of strains. But a little break is going to fix that. ;)

Knights Templar Og

So you may be wondering, where is the 4th plant? Well this thing would not stop having Powdered Mildew issues, so I pulled it out. Sprayed with Doctor Enzymes, and will finish under the sun.

I don't want to spray it no more, although you can use Doctor Enzymes till the end, I am just skeptical on that claim. Maybe I will try a bud wash, and cut out any mold I see. Really a shame, this stuff looks decent even for how shitty this plant is doing.

So two more weeks, then it will be time to chop. I may hit with Molasses one time when the soil dries out, but until then nothing but plain water. I have set up the Inkbird to keep tent at 40% humidity to keep mold at bay, and to bring out those trichomes. I will keep you all updated soon. I am thinking of cutting that Knights Templar earlier to hurry, and finish it. The longer I let stay outside, the more dog hair it will get from my neighbors dog, which is another reason growing outside here sucks. But it is what it is. Until next time, everyone have a great week!





Awesome man. These look so good. I wonder how big they are gonna get over the next two weeks.

Thanks dude! I think they will fill in a lot more, and hoping more trichomes. Just peaked at them now they are starting to shine a little more then last night. Although they where a bit thirsty.

Those are some beautiful flowers! I can almost smell em from here!


They all look very nice. PM is strong this year.

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Yeah this plant had it when it was a clone. I should of took it back. I’m starting to realize that once a plant has it, it’s going to keep coming back. Just easier to just separate it then isolate them battle with it.


Thanks bro!

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Hey bro,
They all look really good with great trichome production.
It's unfortunate you're having some bud drooping from the weight, but it's probably not going to effect much and happens sometimes.

I'm a little worried about the same thing happening to me and am doing a little thinking right now about how I'll combat it if need be.

Can't wait to see the upcoming harvests of these plants, great work man!

Why did you stop posting in weedcash?