Now Cannabis Can Reverse Old Age Brain Decline And Dementia?

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Holy Smokes!
I'm not trying to follow the research of cannabis benefits but I keep running into amazing headlines and I ESPECIALLY take notice when it has to do with Anti-aging nature cures or medicine.

Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

Yesterday I saw an article on some fascinating research being conducted in Germany by a man who used work with the National Institutes of Health here in the U.S. but now is one of Germany’s top neuroscientists, Andreas Zimmer.

What he did is take old mice who had deteriorated mentally and memory wise, and gave them a small amount of THC, which is the compound in weed that makes you high. They put implants in their bodies which release it periodically in small doses.

Well guess what?

The old mice are now running around with 2 month old mice, just as active, AND they've RECOVERED their memories and can now compete with the younger mice. In fact, Mr. Zimmer says you can't tell them apart!


The old stoner mice even relearned how to get out of mazes that they'd forgotten how to do as they got older. This is very exciting news for possible treatments for Alzheimer's and dementia in humans.

Dr. Zimmer says..“The effects are extremely robust and easy to see,” says Zimmer. “It works reliably on every measure of cognition we have for mice.” source

How it works

Well, I can't go into detail because I have no idea exactly how if works but basically THC has the ability to untangle the tangled up mess of brain neurons and plaques that build up in Alzheimer's.


So this is just one more of the incredible medical benefits and treatments coming from the amazing cannabis plant. And many more are coming because research is just getting started in earnest because of legalization.

Nineteen of the 27 countries in the European Union have legalized it so it won't be long before they all have. They'll probably beat the U.S. on that front.

I'm sure the medical advancements in medicine in the next ten years will blow peoples minds. Especially with the help of quantum computers.

And as for cannabis, they know it will help cancer, Crohn’s, epilepsy, glaucoma, nausea, pain, PTSD, and many more conditions and now most likely, Alzheimer's.


Thanks for reading folks, God bless you all!





Yep. Crazy things.

So my friend decided to treat his dog to ended up with puppy cancer I and my friend had cancer two.

well my friend decides that if his medication is working for him that it is good enough for his dog.

Let's just say that his health came back and he had to limit the amount of medicine he was giving his dog because his dog came back to life and was acting like a puppy.

Just wait until we have more research!

This really cracked me up

Howdy sir ganjafarmer! Wow, that's amazing...yes who know's what else this stuff can do!

Oh I can't wait to see the new fur.ture of antiviral, antifungal, and anti bacterial chemical that's in cannabis. Kills all infections and safer than aspirin.

Absolutely works on humans as well as man's best friend


wow so happy I get stoned every other day ;)'ll always be mentally sharp sirbearbear!

Very interesting! I know for me, cannabis helps me lossen my stiff muscles, and it is great for working out or doing hard manual labor. Thanks for the share!

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Howdy jonyoudyer! It's great that you are already being helped by cannabis! Thanks so much for the tip about the tag, I'll do that now.

I need to become a pothead. Sheesh. HA!

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Thanks so much sir enginewitty and thealliance!

Do it!!! What are you waiting for. I'd love to teach you how to grow the dankest flowers.
Go check out @cowboyblazerfan he knows what's up.

lol...that way you'll never get dementia! Well we'll see what kind of drugs or supplements they make out of THC, outta be interesting.

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Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. I had not heard of anti-aging links with Cannabis. What a plant!

Howdy sir lydon.sipe! I agree, it's amazing what they're finding out about it, it's a miracle plant! lol.

Mary Jane is the Best :)
And like you mentioned already..."research is just getting started..." ;)

Exactly. I think we'll be amazed in a just a few years at what cures they come up with. Thanks so much for commenting!

You're welcome ;)
For sure! This humanity doesn't know a lot outside their "thinking in a box"
I also heard that the THC protects the brain cells... from radiation (wireless/5G)...

Oh I haven't heard that about the protection from 5G..very interesting. Thank you luca1777!

We still need more precise research...

Exactly, just getting started in so many areas that show promise.

Well don't get's mice we're talking about

There have been ongoing studies here using CBD, if you google it you'll find some articles on CBD reversing the effects of dementia and Alzheimer. I heard about it quite some time ago but never looked into it until an old family friend was diagnosis-ed with Alzheimer a couple years ago. I sent him all the information and told him where to go to get CBD that was legit CBD from a health food store that was selling it at the time. If one is going to use it I would assume they want to get what they are paying for as you never know where all these places like gas stations are getting it from. I don't know if he had his wife look at the info, he said she was a nurse....usually they are the most skeptical as doctors are more than likely to frown upon using something other than pharmaceuticals they push on people.

And did it work?

I don't know. You reminded me that I was going to call him today to see if his wife had him do it. I just called and got the answering machine, I will let you know when someone gets back to me.

Wow thanks

I hope they're measuring doses carefully. I know a lot of stoners who are... not the sharpest knives in the drawer. Too much of a good thing, I guess? Still, it does seem to have a lot of useful applications and the over-regulation stifled any potential knowledge we could have gained from studying the stuff for far too long.

A friend of mine from high school gets to make cocaine for work, occasionally. Apparently, pharmacists get the ok to make it in incredibly tiny amounts for some sort of topical diaper rash salve. Goest to show, most things can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how they're used.

Ha! A friend of yours gets to make cocaine! Very interesting. I agree about the research on cannabis, not much was done while it was illegal. I wonder how long before it's legal everywhere? Texas will probably be the last state to legalize it.

Everything seems to just keep getting better!

Yes sir optout, many breakthroughs are coming and I think within ten years cancer and Alzheimer's will be cured.

my motto is... Just keep tokin, just keep tokin, just keep tokin tokin tokin, lol. I will be an awesome and sharp witted grandpa with all the cannabis i am intaking at a young age, lol! Prevention at it's finest, lol.

lol..there ya go, you'll never have to worry about dementia if this holds true for humans and it probably does!

I just assumed that the younger mice were stoned as all hell too, as all youngin's would be. Then that explains why everyone was running around.. cause you know what they say about weed "...,,?..::"

Wait? What was I talking about??

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lol...everyone was stoned, hopefully not the doctor! Thanks so much for commenting!

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Here you can legally also purchase pot cookies and cannabis edibles.

I don’t know what it does for memory loss. After a few joints no one gives a hoot. 😂 Just jesting,

Haha! That last point is probably true redheadpei. Well, I think we'll be amazed at the products they come up with in just a few years. Canada will probably lead the way.

Haha Cowboy, instead of a polite people we will be known as leader of the potheads. 😂

Yeah that doesn't sound like a very good title does it? Maybe in a few years the term pothead will have a different meaning!

I know there's been articles published on CBD that has shown it works for people who have dementia and Alzheimer's but this is the first I've seen that involved thc. It really doesn't surprise me as back when I use to smoke weed it motivated me. Since I stopped a little over ten years ago seems about the most I get done anymore is procrastinating I could burn one, turn on some music, hop a ladder and paint all night long. I was quite accomplished at hanging, swinging dancing about on a ladder.

I think weed got a bum rap from the sixties when people facing going to Vietnam dropped out of society but honestly they wanted to enjoy a short period of time during their lives before being shipped off and not knowing if they were coming back. Through out my life I've known a whole lot of individuals who smoked weed and were productive individuals. I actually think if one is going to have a vice weed is better than alcohol and a host of other drugs. Those claiming it leads to harder drugs don't see the big over all picture that could be the result of the laws against it that force people to buy from dealers. Those dealers push the other drugs, especially if they don't have any weed on hand to sell people. I would never advocate anyone who isn't a seasoned smoker ever get behind the wheel of a car after smoking weed but I know a heck of a lot more people who've drank in their life and got into accidents yet I have still to know one person whose ever did the same thing after smoking weed. I think those who drink and are against legalizing marijuana are hypocrites.

I know when I went to electrology school it was a two hour drive and I'd stay there during the week so I wouldn't have to drive back and forth. Burning one after school while hitting the books. I was the first person in the schools thirty year history that finished my practical and theory without needing additional paperwork that tracked your hours. When you start they'd give you papers with squares, at the end of each day you'd put a slash through the square, one side the slash you wrote how many hours of theory that day and the other half how much practical. The papers given at the beginning were the amount of squares required corresponding to state required hours. If you left early or were absent a day then eventually you'd need to ask for an additional paper with squares to track your schedule. Schools always add additional days to their programs that exceed the mandated hours, example if the number of hours mandated takes five months the school's program will run every six months to allow for days students miss to be made up. When I was done I had extra squares left on the original papers given to me and this was a big deal to them as no one had ever done that. My test scores were high, usually in the nineties, most above ninety five and after my state exam for my license I was confident I scored above ninety five percent. I think it's wrong that people who smoke weed get such a bum rap. I would assume that there, just as with alcohol, will be some people in this world who'll let it consume their whole life but just as that doesn't happen with the vast majority of people who drink I think the same when it comes to people who smoke weed, there'll always be those who are responsible and those who aren't.

Given that eighty percent of the profits made off weed by cartels goes into the production cost of harder drugs it would seem to only make sense to legalize it taking that money out of the cartels hands. You have to wonder with how powerful these cartels are and the damage inflicted by them exactly whose paying who off as that can only be the most logical explanation considering the astronomical damaging effects.

Howdy sunlit7! Great points and story about your prowess when high. lol. What is the degree in Electrology about? I mean what is an electrologist? I was going to ask the other day but forgot.

Yeah, I think the stiff penalities for weed are insane so I'm glad most of the country is legalizing.

I hope they hurry up with the cure before I lost all my memories.

Sounds like another one of nature's miracle plants. Watch out big Pharma! Knowing my luck, it would make my mind worse because I am ass backwards. LOL!

lol..I don't believe that for a second. I think in a few years we'll be amazed at the help and cures we'll be getting from natural plant sources.

I did hear that these findings will be revealed soon. Very exciting!

Does this mean you're a pothead Butterfly?

I am sooooo getting myself some cannabis because I think I am busy loosing my brain....thinking of too many things at once and then I end up forgetting half of it so I either have to say whatever I am thinking right away or write it down

I think that describes almost all of us anneke! We've got too many things going on and we're overwhelmed is all. But writing ourselves notes is a great tactic to use in any situation.

But having said that, I think in the next few years they'll have great products to help us out mentally.

Well...thats certainly an interesting one

Howdy Empress! Not that you need it because you're super sharp but it's good news for what they can create for older people who are losing it.


lol...that may prove to be good advice especially as you age!

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That explains why i am still looking young and 😄

lol...sir hangin is a living example of it's benefits!

Damn right i am ...hehe 😅