DRutter FaceBook Page Contents

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This is a visual archive of my FaceBook page "DRutter", which I can no longer access after being banned and deplatformed last year.

The page is currently drifting, and will disappear completely at some point. This will then be the only record of the metadata, like comments. Shame on FaceBook for banning content that doesn't fit the official (bogus) narrative on topics like cannabis legalization, activism, and liberty.

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I was censored, in part, for speaking out against censorship. Putting this up on multiple platforms is my way of partially striking back. This knowledge needs to be available to the people.



You didn't lose anything from getting deplatformed on facebook.


True, shame on FaceBook for all their censorship, lying, manipulation, data gathering, etc.
Nice flower :))


If you create good videos, you will probably earn more on @threespeak than all the other platforms combined.

( just a guess )

Maybe, but even if that was a guarantee, it doesn't make it free.

People like YouTube because they don't have to pay to get started. They see it as "free" and that's what they're looking for in any potential YouTube replacements.

You don't have to pay anything on @threespeak to get started . . they removed the fees a long time ago.