Day 48 - Hiding Potential Treatments

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My 12 years of content, including over 700 video productions, is being picked over and censored heavily right now. Anything about the coming banking collapse, gold manipulation, silver as real money, my early bitcoin coverage and predictions, it's all under attack at the moment. Human snitches, computer algorithms, and Gooogle employees are finding any and every excuse to limit or remove several of my key messages.

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Pit of Hell


Original video now partly censored

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Sort: i think you are safe against corona XDDD

Heheh yeah!! I'm coming at it from many angles : D

Hello @drutter Glad to see you on the HIVE BLOCKCHAIN. Sorry that I have not kept up with the MAP project. 2020 has been a whopper. Wondering how that project ended up. Anyhow, take care and stay safe.

Hey man, nice to hear from you. Whatcha been up to?
Here's a link to my post wrapping up MAP:
The timing worked out really well for Edgar,who now has a few grand in tokens. Unfortunately due to the lockdown he can't buy a pump right now, but I think he plans to do that as soon as it's possible.

It's weird how you used to be called crazy or paranoid for suggesting that youtube censors meducational videos, but now it's so normal, videos like this won't phase most people. What the hell happened?!

Yeah, good point. Sometimes I don't even notice how messed up it is, and how far things have changed.

Rehived to my hemptastic followers <3

There's a special place in hell for people who cover up cures for diseases!

Yes. I have a special kind of hatred for them in my heart, too. A lot of what you and I do is counteracting those kind of people!