Senior Center Cuts Ties With Succession Actor Following His Controversial Cannabis Comments

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Brian Cox has recently been dropped as a patron with Mid-Lin Day Care Centre, a senior center in Dundee, Scotland, his hometown, after he recently made some comments about his cannabis consumption.

In a recent Guardian interview, Cox recommended that everyone get stoned and suggested that cannabis makes politics easier to bear. Authorities with the center admit that they are shocked by the comments and disappointed, as cannabis use is still illegal in the U.K. to a large extent.

Perhaps it would have been preferable had he championed pharmaceutical drugs, which have been known to contribute to tens of thousands of deaths over the years, meanwhile cannabis hasn't been linked to any.

The average senior takes 15 prescriptions per year

Increasing research surrounding cannabis suggests that it could help with tackling a wide range of ailments and diseases, from anxiety, to PTSD, pain, depression, and much more.

Cannabis has been shown to possibly help with addiction, and past studies indicate that many patients would prefer a natural option for themselves, like cannabis, rather than being left with the alternative pharma choices they are faced with. Many simply just want the freedom to make that choice.

It's a shame to see in 2020 that people are still being "cancelled" in this way, because of a few pro-cannabis comments. Those behind the center, who claim to be interested in promoting better and healthier lives for the elderly, should reconsider their anti-liberty cannabis position, as cannabis has been shown to offer help to many seniors and cannabis use with seniors is the fastest growing market of any other age group right now.

The response to that clear demand, shouldn't be to tell people that they are wrong, especially when that is coming from actors who are likely profoundly ignorant about all that relates to cannabis and its potential to inspire healing.

Following the backlash, Cox had this to say:

“I am sorry to hear that Mid-Lin Day Care Centre were shocked and disappointed by my comments regarding marijuana, which were actually made in good humour... To clarify, I am a firm believer in the medicinal benefits of marijuana and have partaken in its use in places where it is legal to do so".

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The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.

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Would you say they got sick of his Shenanigans?

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LOL! i had not thought about that show in a long time, thank you for that😂😂😂 totally forgot he was in it

Cox should have said "I/m sorry you're all a bunch of morons, and btw fuck off!"