Medicinal Cannabis Programs Are Leaving Too Many Behind

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Cannabis is being used as a current treatment for a wide range of illnesses today, having been approved to help treat conditions like epilepsy, PTSD, opioid use disorder, IBD, crohn's, cancer, and much more.

Studies have previously shown that the majority of patients today, over 90 percent, prefer cannabis to opioids, when trying to deal with their pain and other symptoms. More recently though, researchers suggest that their investigation supports the notion that cannabis legalization might not help tackle the opioid epidemic in the way that many have suspected. But whether or not that is true, the reality is that people still need freedom of choice.

Freedom For A Few

Unfortunately though, as various jurisdictions have worked to establish their medicinal cannabis markets, they are leaving out access for many who could potentially greatly benefit from using cannabis. And seeing as cannabis doesn't bring along with it the same sort of risks that other treatment options pose, it's a shame that the right of these individuals cannot be respected, to pursue the peaceful treatment option of their choice, in an effort to pursue a higher quality of life.


There are people suffering all across the country who haven't been included to be accepted for access to their medicinal cannabis programs. By simply moving to set up a medicinal cannabis market, the government has still left many people out of the equation, who are the exact sort of individuals who could benefit from peaceful access to cannabis.

Free individuals shouldn't have to have their illness approved by a third-party before they can access a natural substance in peace, that might be able to bring them some comfort from their pain. In many jurisdictions still, the list of approved illness for cannabis treatment is too narrow, and only provides for few people to access cannabis if they need.

Every individual should have the freedom to medicate in peace.

Past cannabis research has indicated that cannabis might help to counter addiction, so then it's only as a detriment to the people that the war against this plant continues to be waged. There is incredible healing that could be found here, if governments would stop insisting on injecting their violence into the mix. More and More, we are discovering that cannabis might be beneficial to help treat a wide range of health conditions and current medicinal cannabis markets work against this potential for healing, by disregarding many of those conditions to be included in their programs, which might benefit from cannabis treatment.


The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only

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@doitvoluntarily, One thing is for sure and that is Humanity is pushed to cut off from the Natural Curing aspects because now Medical Industries became a corporate business. Stay blessed.

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thanks for checking out the post! same to you, have a good week ahead

Welcome and thank you so much.

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It blows my mind that certain kinds of medicine are still illegal anywhere when others that are much more harmful are not, it's almost 2020 and I was complaining about this stuff like nearly 20 years ago. If we don't have the freedom to choose what we put in our own bodies, how much freedom do we truly have? shrug It does seem like things are improving in some places, but it's not quick enough in my opinion.

there is much freedom ..just obtain your permit first✌️ 😆


It is good for health.