Alabama Cannabis Commission Flaming Cannabis Myths

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Legalization is sweeping its way through the United States, but various regions like Alabama, Georgia, and Texas, along with other areas, have been dragging their feet on the process to allow a cannabis market to become established.

When people cannot gain lawful access to cannabis in those regions, when they aren't able to grow or exchange for this product in a way that doesn't make them a criminal, it makes their life very difficult and forces them to opt for phmaceutical alternatives that could pose much more of a risk to their health.

For those who are living in one region where cannabis is acceptable, say Colorado or Washington, the prohibition that remains in many states still complicates their life and means in some circumstances that when those individuals want to visit their families in those areas that they need to abstain from taking cannabis, they will suffer as a result if they don't have access to what helps to keep them comfortable.

In order to decide whether or not they are going to stop treating people as criminals over a plant and filling up their overblown prison systems in Alabama with cannabis users and sellers, they've established a commission that has been tasked with determining whether or not cannabis really does have medicinal value. The committee has 18 members that had been appointed by various gov officials or agencies. They've been holding hearings to allow patients to express their views about cannabis and they are tasked with coming up with laws surrounding the cannabis market and exchanges.

In one of their recent meetings, several patients gave testimony about how cannabis has helped them to combat their pain and illness but it was too much for the commission to hear, as one commission member who is a child psychiatrist insisted that cannabis is no medicine and that calling it a medicine is harmful to young people today.

What is More Harmful Is Perpetuating Cannabis Lies And Prohibition That Violates Individual Liberty

The scientific literature continues to grow which supports the notion that cannabis has a wide range of medicinal effects, benefits to provide users, even though the mainstream narrative might be aggressively lacking in doing justice to the overall understanding of cannabis.

Research that is ongoing today, around the United States, Canada, Israel, Jamaica, and elsewhere, has helped to greatly improve our understanding of this plant and its potential therapeutic properties. There are a wide range of illnesses that qualify for medicinal cannabis access in many areas, as cannabis has been shown to help those suffering from these ailments, including cancer, PTSD, anxiety, crohns, epilepsy, Tourette's syndrome, Alzheimer's, and others.

When combined with traditional treatment methods, researchers have concluded that cannabis can help to boost therapeutic value. Despite this commission member insisting that it has not been validated as medicine, there are likely many researchers, patients, and their doctors, who would disagree. Say for example the many doctors who have been busy writing medicinal cannabis prescriptions for their patients for years.

Just because the government has issued warnings about a product in the past doesn't mean it cannot provide medicinal value, as it has done so to many, the narrative of the government at the time isn't always going to be right, if ever.

These are the sorts of individuals who are tasked with deciding whether or not millions of people in the state should get to exercise their liberty and peacefully consume cannabis without bothering anyone else about it. In a state where you can find many people who claim to value liberty, it's embarrassing that they cannot be free to exercise theirs in this manner. The committee needs to seek the truth rather than seek to push their own anti-cannabis narrative in justifying the restrictions on the freedom of others.

The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.

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Hey boss! I'm just up yonder in big orange country and I found some loophole "hemp" that had less than .3 delta 9 thc but 10% total so technically it's legal here even though it's actually just weed lol.. Idiots here didn't think this through. I mean it can't be sold legally but it was legal to grow so grey area I'll happily exploit..

Merry Christmas

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Whoever the bimbo is that said Cannabis isnt a medcine should take a look at my anger issues and all the work I have done since grade 10, after the Resperidol failure to medicate me effectively.

I feel more sober after 2 to 3 large 0.2 gram dabs than I did as a child on resperidol (resperdone).

Being originally from Alabama and also being smart enough to get the hell out, I was actually shocked to see the CBD movement take hold. Even my incredibly conservative grandmother is on it for her arthritis. They say that the state government is looking hard into medical licenses but time will tell. The old school train of thought in the south is strong. It’s hard to get people to see through the brainwashing they have been through their entire lives. It’s happening though, slowly but surely. We just have to stay vigilant and positive!

Anyway, Merry Weedmas everyone!

Isn't the cat out of the bag? It is now impossible to keep that plant as a class a substance. It is so obvious that the levels of corruption are so high that they must push and keep pushing outright lies. Criminals are the ones locking up cannabis users.

Satan always does this, by making you think he is can, he takes away the thing the most high gave, corrupts it, then gives it back to you. Why do we let them do this to us. Why do we comply? We the people, as jurors, have the power of nullification. It is up to us the laws by which we are governed, not the snakes who have crept into positions of authority as usurpers.

The madness needs to stop. Everyone knows that cannabis helps. The people who don't are just the dinosaurs of our time.

Amen n cheers homeboi

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