Proposed Boolean Correction - Precise and Final Logic EI

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Proposed Boolean correction for precise and final logic free of interpretation probabilities (updated legal documentation/patents).

AND/OR, the statement offends precision where there are two cases for the word OR to be used in the English language. OR is utilized in compositions as both an inclusive statement and in other cases signifies exclusion.

The Boolean operator for the intended AND/OR logic would be precise if declared as AND/EI (and/either).

Yes, it even sounds like "and/ether", a serendipitous nod to ETHEREUM developers.
XEI logic?

Is XOR (exclusive OR) now as redundant as AND(inclusive)/OR(inclusive)?

OR, XOR = EI, ?

Wikipedia tells us that some legal representatives dislike the ambiguity of the AND/OR logic which I myself had used in patent composition. I believe AND/EITHER fixes the vector of incorrect interpretation while AND/EI maintains file size.