Genetic Engineering Breakthroughs: First ever truly GMO cannabis plants

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Monsanto had nothing to do with this project.

The cannabis company Trait Biosciences has recently put out an incredible new breakthrough in genetic engineering for the cannabis industry. By inserting a gene that codes for the same enzyme that metabolizes drugs in our body, and an enzyme that binds simple sugars to molecules, Trait Biosciences has developed and patented a cannabis plant which produces water soluble cannabinioids! While generally cannabinoids are nonpolar and only soluble in oils, fats, and other typical organic solvents, the binding of the simple sugar to the cannabinoids effectively alters their polarity (the overall distribution of charge [think - magnet]) allowing them to become soluble in polarsolvents such as water. This change also bring other implications, one being that the plant now produces cannabinoids throughout the entirety of the plant throughout its entire life cycle. This would allow for a manufacturer to perpetuate a grow cycle creating a continual harvest where the grower can harvest stems, stalks, and leaves from a plant in vegetative growth without having to wait until the plant switches into its flowering cycle.

Join me in today's episode as I go further in detail about this particular cannabis plant, Trait Amplified, and the processes surrounding it.

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Hello, @alchemage,

First time I've read (or listened to) one of your blogs. Extremely interesting. A question I have that you may not be able to answer:
if the cannabis in the engineered plant is water soluble, does that mean it will not last in the body as long as the fat soluble plant? I believe cannabis is now stored in fat cells (in the body) and therefore hangs around for a very long time, but if the engineered form is water soluble, will that be excreted more quickly?
Also, would this affect the way the cannabis is used in edibles?

Thanks. Just some questions that occurred to me as I listened to your engaging presentation.

Nice to meet you :)

Greetings, @agmoore2! Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. As for your questions, I took some time today to think it through and might have an answer. From my understanding, because of the way the body metabolizes cannabinoids, they would remain fat soluble in vivo. The engineered form only has implications as far as the actual plant’s cannabinoid production and not in how they are metabolized. However, I could be wrong as I do not know for certain.

Thank you :)

Whoa! So what if it rains then?

I don’t think that would really matter as the entire plant is producing THC internally. Sort of like if it rains on Poppy fields. The opium is produced internally although it is water-soluble. I think you would have to dry the plant material before being able to dissolve the compounds in water.

My understanding that cannabanoids are on the outside of the plant on trichomes vs inside.

Right, but with this new genetically modified cannabis plant the cannabinoids are now produced internally throughout the entire plant.

I would also assume that they would no longer be produced in the trichomes as they are oily sacks without a net polar charge whereas the new cannabinoids are now polar.

Ok, makes sense. You will have to forgive me since i hav3 not watched video yet. I defiently will, this is amazing! Just imagine how cheap it woukd be to grow a field and make a lot of medicine for people who cant afford the much needed concentrated cannabis that can be very expensive.

Yeah it’s a pretty amazing and ingenuitive feat for the medical industry!

Also you think peopke will stsrt shooting up their weed with this type of cannabis?

LOL I have no idea and do not know the bio chemistry of the effectiveness or toxicity of such.

Can you imagine though? I know i never would, just eating a macro dose or taking a dab sendsme into panic attack mode.

Awesome blog on health bro like it.


cannabinoids can be made polar naturally, without genetically modifying the plants they come from...... we've been drinking cannabinoids dissolved in water (slurpees, teas, sodas, etc) for many years in the cannabis community..... what are these idiots smoking? probably corporate shwag with mold and bug feces. there's no reason to pervert the genetics to accomplish what can be done in a kitchen!

I’m assuming you’re against genetic modification of organisms? I’m hard pressed to say they’re idiots as they’ve achieved some rather extraordinary feats within the STEM field. Plus, I highly doubt the 30% THC strain they produced is schwag, nor the one with biodefense full of bugs. Using chemicals to polarize cannabinoids in a kitchen isn’t too far removed from modifying it in a lab either. 🤷‍♀️

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