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What can't this plant do? Seriously hemp batteries this has been hard to wrap my head around as the techy's get so excited about technology I'm sitting there going I'm so lost so many big words, I thought it was only in crypto, nope it's in hemp too.

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There are things that one just can't get their head around for me that's the making of hemp batteries as I'm a consumer, meaning I don't think how it's made when it comes to batteries I put them in they work when they don't grumble then change them, put them in the bin... Oh no not in the bin... remember you can't put batteries in the bin they need to be recycled at stores that have battery recycling stations.

Now I'm getting the two images of Doc in my head from back to the future one holding to hemp batteries electrocuting himself the other him stuffing hemp bio waste into the DeLorean.

The hemp when used in batteries is made into supercapacitors ~ from Wikipedia
A supercapacitor (SC), also called an ultracapacitor, is a high-capacity capacitor with a capacitance value much higher than other capacitors, but with lower voltage limits, that bridges the gap between electrolytic capacitors and rechargeable batteries. It typically stores 10 to 100 times more energy per unit volume or mass than electrolytic capacitors, can accept and deliver charge much faster than batteries, and tolerates many more charge and discharge cycles than rechargeable batteries.[citation needed]
Supercapacitors are used in applications requiring many rapid charge/discharge cycles, rather than long term compact energy storage — in automobiles, buses, trains, cranes, and elevators, where they are used for regenerative braking, short-term energy storage, or burst-mode power delivery.[2] Smaller units are used as a power backup for static random-access memory (SRAM).

If you are wanting to dig deeper into hemp supercapacitors and the scientific testing results of hemp batteries against lithium-ion batteries below are two videos you may enjoy.
Hemp based supercapacitor's
Hemp Battery – Almost Unbelieveable

Bonus research material

Hemp batteries are more sustainable, cost-effective, last longer than lithium-ion or graphite batteries, it's not just cell batteries, double A's that hemp supercapacitors or batteries can replace think bigger like car electric batteries, scooters.

Elon Musk also has an interest in capacitors that store more energy than batteries.

Everyday products are getting the hemp reform from small products to larger ones, with hemp being sustainable and biodegradable,

what will happen to all the non-biodegradable product waste when consumers make a switch?

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