My adventures in cryptoblogging part 2

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Following on from the last post, I'll continue my ramble about my adventures in cryproblogging on the Steemit and after the change, Hive. Remember though, I'm no expert in crypto or blockchain or tokens, these are the experiences that I gained as I learned.

I had, (what for me is a lot of money) to splurge when I decided to make the leap to Hive from Steemit. A couple of hundred USD worth. Pennies to some of you but food on the table for us.

Most of it I invested in Hive but some went onto Hive Engine to buy me some BEE tokens. BEE is the native token for Hive Engine and I thought I'd support it by buying and staking some. Looking a little further, I saw that you need 200 BEE to make your own token, so that was how much I invested. I am considering making my own Token and NFT later, so this got me part of the way there for later. I'm thinking of something service oriented i.e. you buy my NFT or invest in my token and I'll do X service for, with or to you. Later days though.

I was a little overwhelmed with Splinterlands so I traded for a few SPS and DEC and bought a couple of cards. I was kinda taken by the cards in the Death splinter series. They had a pleasant coloration, the numbers on the cards seemed to balance and the summoners looked good. I only bought a few cards at this stage, to support the system. They were cheap cards but I liked them. I tried a couple of combines, and burned a couple for DEC, just to test the system. Never won anything with them but at the time it was a tiny show of support.

Playing these games doesn't excite me much. It's time that could be spent better in the community or in our garden. So I staked all of my SPS and rented out all of my cards. At least I was making a couple of DEC a day for a while Maybe I've got to drop my price again?. I make about 2 SPS a day from airdrops and stake and restake what I earn. Someone has spent a lot of time on Splinterlands, so, as far as I can work out, staking helps them out.

I followed up on Hive Engine to see what tokens I had. There were tiny amounts of a lot of them. The next step was to check out all of the links and see what the communities were doing with them. Some had gone bust but I could still swap them for something else. One, called DIY does nothing, I can't even get to do anything with it.

A few tokens were just for what looked like other interfaces to blog with, like Hive. I don't favour too much repetition, especially when it is all burning fossil fuels and pumping out greenhouse gasses, so those duplicates were swapped for tokens for groups that were active and seemed to be trying to achieve something else.

One that I had lots of were and still are) LOTUS. LOTUS was the token for which, from recent information, got too big and unwieldy and its instigators wanted to focus on other things. I've been swapping these for other tokens and I can still earn new ones by tagging them in my posts. I was very sad when I found that Naturalmedicine had gone under but it has two smaller communities that have risen from its ashes - Hive Garden and The Herbal Hive.

At this stage, you might be interested in what tokens I decided to keep and stake.

They are-

  • CCC (Creative Coin)
  • LEO (Leofinance they seemed to have the most on the ball financial advice)
  • STEM (because I like Science)
  • WAVIO (they seem to be doing a lot of development)
  • POB (Proof of Brain)
  • BEE (the Hive Engine token)
  • BUIDL (I love DIY and will be posting a lot)

I've learned to tag my posts with VYB, Lotus and Neoxian because I can earn a little and swap it for those tokens in the list above.

So what does all of this talk of tokens have to do with blogging? It is because even though it took a while to sort out and come to terms with, tagging for tokens is probably the best way to earn. Tagging posts by topic and content seems to yield smaller rewards than tagging into a couple of favourite communities, then tagging the rest for tokens.

Now, my token investments are tiny and I stake the returns every day but it seems that it will eventually be a way to earn extra beyond HIVE.

All this talk of money and investment is well and good, but I'm here to share information and experience in gardening, food security and DIY. It was necessary to get that out of the way before the next post in this series.


I can't pass up on this opportunity to promote the fact that we have some creators on Hive who have made Hive graphics for use as stock images:

I'll take a look. Thanks @minismallholding