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It seems like I am becoming a Fanboy of yet another brand as my experience with the recent acquisition of the new car has brought me never consider going back to other brands. Tesla has truly done a great job and not only it’s product but also the ecosystem that revolves around it. Like other iconic brands, our community is also present and not afraid to cheer the success on as they continue to develop products. The latest of these was the recent presentation and launch of the upcoming new Cybertruck.

Slated for release in late 2021 or 2022, the Cybertruck announced focused on what the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, was striving for which was to differentiate the product from everything else in the market. The presentation started with showing decades of the designs of previous pickup trucks in the market which have not differed much since the beginning. However, almost 3,000,000 trucks are sold each year. Therefore, the conclusion is reached that the focus of these buyers is mostly the utility. This is an area where Tesla has done a great job in creating a great experience with.

While many have been left debating after the details were provided, it was shown that the new Cybertruck can outperform other leaders in the market in many of its utility characteristics such as towing and acceleration. However, they went very bold with an incredible design which looks something very futuristic. The design went even further to incorporate what I believe to be one of the strongest frames that we will see in the car in the short term. Unfortunately, the attempt to do the same for the windows was not as successful; as the failure of the window test not once but twice, went viral very quickly. However, I have been told that no PR is bad PR so I think they will take advantage of it.

In my case, earlier this year I purchased my first truck ever and have fallen in love with the experience of owning a truck. The utility it brings for the family is great as we have taken advantage of it in a number of occasions already. My recent experience with the new Tesla at home, seeing the presentation of the future Cybertruck got me very excited. As the end of the presentation came to a close, the prices were announced which surprised me even more. It immediately made me lift up my phone and actually pre-order it!

It was only $100 which is fully refundable but I am thinking that this will actually become a purchase as more details continued to be released which excites me more about the truck. For example, I have heard that they will actually release an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) as was demonstrated in the launch. I heard around the Tesla store that they will be offered at discounts for those who pre-ordered! They also mentioned that the closing sliding door in the back could potentially be built to integrate solar panels as a way to add more range to the vehicle. They have been considering these types of integration with solar energy for sometime now and it could become true with this model.

New technology has always excited me, especially when he performs well and delivers a great experience. So far, it has been my experience with Tesla so I am looking forward to continuing my journey with the brand. While I still may be in the early phases of enjoying the product, there has been very little that makes me reconsider this been a good idea. As the product development of the Cybertruck continues, I will surely be watching closely to see my ultimate decision with with this next generation of truck!

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That looks like a true cybertruck. They couldn't have given it a better name. I just checked the expected prices and that's a huge surprise! It would actually be affordable for more than just the high class, and that's promising. I hope they'll release these in Europe too. I'd love to see them around here.

The price is what really got me excited as I have been able to get great value with their Model 3 so this is just an extension to it. I heard they have over 200k preorders already!

It is a very cool looking truck. I agree that it's very bold and different then anything else out there. Tesla is a pretty cool company. Very innovative and certainly stirring things up in an industry that is known for dragging its feet when it comes to progress. That's cool that you preordered one. Exciting!

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They continue to surprise me and the way the have built a strong community is impressive. We know how communities can be leveraged to send a message and they are doing a great job at fostering it.

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