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After years of really wanting to make the bold leap but also being patient to wait for a model that would fall in a price range worth the try, the family decided to go electrical this past week and lease a Tesla Model 3. It is only the latest of a trends that my daughter is leading us old people towards taking care of the planet by not wasting resources and finding ways to be a part of the improvement to our planet instead of taking advantage of it.

It has been quite an adventure so far as I have found that the advancements to the technology are really focused on making things simple. Whereas our previous cars have been full of technology and many buttons, the Tesla is basically a touchscreen with few buttons to avoid confusion. I expect it to be much better than what we have had as we never figured out how to use half of the features of our last car. We even had a hot spot for internet that we never used so I hope we can maximize many of the options that come with this one.

The shift to this newer and renewable energy technology is not easy nor cheap as a charging station will be needed to installed at our home to charge the car but the reality is that we are looking forward to not having to pull up to a gas station for gas anymore. While the utility bill is expected to increase, we are lucky to live in a place where I feel that the energy costs are much cheaper than what I have seen in many places. It will more than be offset by the savings of gas as my wife is like an Uber driver with my daughter’s social life, especially on weekends.

Another experience I have enjoyed in the process is the fact that there is plenty of transparency in the process of purchasing one. The dealerships are mostly in malls and it seems that the salespeople are not really incentivized by individual purchases. This eliminates the hassle of negotiating prices and having to say no to so many additional products and services that car dealerships often offer in the back end of buying a car. A little known fact is that those are the products and services that allow a dealerships and the salespeople to make more money in selling a car.

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The paperwork was all online and although most of the information was handled ever since we had done the test drive, just 5 minutes after starting the process; I had the lease application and down payment done! I was even able to use Apple Pay for the down payment which is pretty cool as I took advantage of getting 2% back on the payment given that I also used the new Apple Card. By the time I got back home, I was sent plenty of information about my delivery and the features of the car like setting up the charging station and the likes. I compare this to the nearly 2 hours I spent earlier this year to buy my car without even financing it!

I believe that technology will continue to move forward to make these types of purchases ever more customer friendly and provide a great experience. While many car manufacturers are catching up or even surpassing Tesla’s technology, I think that the differentiation of their approach will allow them to survive longer term despite the challenges that will continue as the long time leaders in the space are clearly not happy that they are gaining market share and attention from not only the new generation of buyers but even the traditional buyers like myself.

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Yep @newageinv ...

"While the utility bill is expected to increase ..."

... you can count on this, if the rates are anything like from the electric service from which I retired. In particular, if the trend toward billing residential services for peak demand continues, as your charging station will contribute substantially to that ...

Will your local utility be installing the charging station for you? It will be interesting to hear what that experience is like.

Looking forward to reading what you think of this, after you've had it for awhile. Also, what you experience as the range it will travel, before needing another charge. I've never owned one, but I would assume it is a vehicle where you don't want to even come close to running out of charge. Since recharging it will be not nearly so easy as getting some more gas ...

What is the range "spec" of your new Tesla?

Tesla provides a list of licensed electricians that can make the basic installation as it only takes a dofferent plug. I have yet to decide which charging station I will install at home but it comes with a basic wire connection. Fortunately, I have a charging station at work if needed and want to save on utility bill and more charging stations are appearing all around South Florida at malls so that will sirely help! For that reason, I just got the basic range of about 225 miles whichbis more than enough we need.

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225 miles! Sounds pretty good @newageinv. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Nice to hear from you.

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Lookin forward to how you experience goes with the 3. I almost put the deposit down on one once upon a time but they are very expensive in Finland.

I am now counting the days! Already ordered a bunch of recommended accessories and have my wife thinking of whether the car is for her or me!

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I am looking forward to hearing your experiences with it.

Nice! Keep us updated! I’d love to see a Tesla review 🙃 congrats 🎉

Great idea! I will give it some time and keep everyone posted! Thanks!

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